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In what has been described by “Denverites” as the “story of the day” and an “only in Colorado moment”, a student from Adams City High School in Commerce City, a northeastern suburb of Denver has been the cause of a partial lock-down at the high school.  An undisclosed student used a “Gravity Bong” in class at approx. 9:45am on 11/7/2014, thus filling the class room with marijuana smoke and causing school officials to immediately place a temporary partial lock-down on the entire school.

For those of you who have been living under a rock. Colorado voted in 2012 to allow recreational marijuana sales to adults aged 21 and older beginning this year (2014). But consumption of the drug by minors (anyone 18 years of age and younger) , or by anyone in public settings such as schools, parks and on the street, remains illegal… as in NOT OK!

Adam City High School in response to the incident was quoted saying “As a precautionary measure, our students were placed on a modified lock-down to limit movement throughout the school,” & “As always, students’ safety is our number one priority,” it said. “All students were fine and the school is resuming business as usual.”

What I find absolutely mind-blowing is the fact that a “Gravity Bong” was able to be used in a classroom… This is not a small “one hitter” or vapor pen. This is a medium to large contraption that requires set up and in some cases 2 people to operate. Things seem to have really changed since I went to high school. Whatever happened to smoking a joint in the bathroom and or parking lot, shit… bong rip during lunch behind the gym, why not… but this is a bit much, in my opinion. I wonder if this asshole thought he could hide it after the fact…

To give you an idea of a typical gravity bong and how it works we have included this video from YouTube below… enjoy.

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  1. I feel that was one of the main issues with legalizing MJ for recreational use, similar to alcohol which is illegal to anyone who is under 21 minors its now become more accessible to minors. This is an issue that Colorado and any other state has or is going to legalize MJ in the future is how to regulate the laws and make it more difficult for minors to be able their hands on marijuana until they are of the required age. I’m also wondering how the teacher didn’t notice it happening earlier? lol

  2. I don’t think it’s any more accessible to minors now in states where it’s legal, than it was before. There is still the black market which isn’t regulated. I do agree- how did that teacher not notice?!

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