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We Have Some Good News For You About Marijuana

When comparing seven commonly used recreational drugs, marijuana is recognized as by far the least threatening, almost 114 times safer than the most dangerous drug concluded in a new study—alcohol.

This is in reference to research recently published in Scientific Reports, which investigated the risks of exposure to heroin, meth, alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, tobacco, and cannabis, by individuals. While prior research has long suggested cannabis use poses a lesser fatality risk than alcohol—a point commonly indicated in calls to push and increase legalization in more states through out the nation —such a large margin was not known prior.

In recent investigations, researchers have come to the conclusion that the deadly risks of alcohol have most likely been seriously underestimated. Alcohol and tobacco are the only two substances in the research that are typically legal for adult use in the U.S.

The discoveries emerge as more states appear to be coming around to the thought of legalizing marijuana. Earlier this week, Alaska became the first red state to legalize recreational marijuana, and Washington D.C. is planning to do the same in just a few days. The recent passage of the $1.1 trillion federal spending bill marked a major progression towards eliminating  the war on medicinal cannabis with the inclusion of an amendment prohibiting the Department of Justice from using funds to prosecute medical cannabis dispensaries.

Investigators behind the research said their conclusion should influence lawmakers to move away from the “current prohibition approach” under federal law, and opt for a more “strict regulatory approach” instead. The research also stated a “risk management prioritization” that highlights a concern on alcohol and tobacco, rather than illegal drugs.

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