Friday’s Top Marijuana Stocks Articles | 6/30/17

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Las Vegas Prepares For Recreational Marijuana Sales


Powered by one of the world’s biggest tourism industries, Nevada is preparing to do the same on July 1. A May report published by Gov. Brian Sandoval’s task force on marijuana estimates that up to 63 percent of recreational buyers will be tourists.



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Legal Marijuana Makes It Tough For Police To Take Advantage Of Your Rights



According to a report from the Stanford Open Policing Project, which analyzed more than 100 million traffic stops across 31 states, motorists of all races are as much as three times less likely to be stopped and searched where, thanks to legalization, marijuana is no longer available as an excuse.



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InCaseYouMissedIt: Investing in Cannabis is a No-Brainer

A new bill was passed that would effectively end the prohibition on the use of medicinal cannabis. While it was certainly a happy occasion to note the bipartisan effort put in, it is also frustrating to most to still have the struggle behind legalization. To have the amount of pushback against legislation in favor of a plant that has the ability to help many, is asinine to the majority of the public’s opinion.


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