Other than the 23 states plus the District of Columbia that have already legalized marijuana in one way or another anybody in disbelieve that U.S. is not in favor for legalizing marijuana should pay attention to the poll that was conducted by Fox news.

For the first time Fox news took a poll that displayed 51 percent of people are in favor of legalizing cannabis verse the 44 percent that does not. Though that is a small alteration to last year’s poll when it was 50-43 percent.

Back in 2013 the same poll displayed another picture: as 49 percent of people did not want to legalize marijuana versus the 46 percent that were in favor to legalize marijuana.

Even though it’s typical to see big polls show support for legalizing cannabis, reform advocate Tom Angel states it’s “particularly sweet” to witness these results stemming from Fox News “It’s becoming less and less exciting whenever new polls show majority support for legalization, since they pretty much all do these days,” stated Angell, chairman of advocacy group Marijuana Majority. “But that’s a good thing, and it’s pretty safe to say that marijuana reform is now officially at the forefront of mainstream American politics.”

“That said, I do have to admit it is particularly sweet to see the Fox News poll now reaching the tipping point of majority support.” Although the results that the poll produced were a bit shocking taking into consideration who the source is the demographic of the poll comes as no surprise.

With 54 percent of voters being under the age of 35 who more likely than those who are 65 years of age and up to be in favor of legalizing cannabis.

However, Angell stated that some of the polling information about conservative voters attitudes in regards to legalization work for reform advocates agendas. “While we still have a ways to go in getting more conservatives on board with full legalization, it’s very helpful for our Congressional efforts to be able to point to numbers showing that big majorities of Republicans at least support medical cannabis and the notion of letting states set their own marijuana policies without federal interference.”

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