The marijuana movement continues, there are 29 U.S. states that have legalized medical marijuana, as well as the District of Columbia and eight states including D.C., have gone fully legal. While most states don’t allow you to partake in smoking your treatment in public, that might be changing for the sunshine state

Presently, Florida’s medical marijuana regulations only permit marijuana in the form of an oil, an edible, a topical or to be vaporized. John Morgan, an attorney, is the lead attorney in a lawsuit filed against the state regarding the ban on smoking marijuana.
Morgan is using a new argument to advocate for his clients’ right to smoke marijuana, which is that it is a medical necessity.

In the lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs is Cathy Jordan, who suffers from ALS. Cathy has been confined to a wheelchair for the past twenty years and physically is unable to swallow marijuana in the form of a pill. Cathy’s husband, Bob Jordan, has said that by smoking her medical marijuana is the only way she is able to obtain treatment and that if she doesn’t get her dose of THC as well as other healing cannabinoids, she may die.

“The Legislature’s taking the place of the doctors, telling us what we can and cannot do,” Jordan said in an interview. “We voted for the constitutional amendment so we wouldn’t be prosecuted for smoking cannabis. We’re still in danger.”

The state is arguing that the Legislature is permitted to ban smoking indoors if it should choose, without any logic or justification required on their part. Morgan believes that the state’s voters didn’t understand that they were giving Florida’s lawmakers such control. The fact that most popular way to consume marijuana is smoking and it the state has legalized it for medicinal purpose, he has a case.

It will be interesting to see where the lawsuit goes and what this means for medical marijuana in Florida as well as patients like Cathy Jordan.

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