Florida is at it again, looking to make their presence known as a legal state that offers medical marijuana. In a recent upset, the sunshine state fell short in passing a bill that would have legalized marijuana for medical use in Florida. With information from detailed research that shows the conclusion for why voters went against pro- pot Amendment 2 this past November, stating that the prospective law’s choice of words  “troubled many voter”. Though 84% of registered voters in the state of Florida said they would support a bill that legalized cannabis. Sadly though, Florida was 2% shy of 60 %, which would have sealed a win in the fight for medical marijuana. However, the fight is not over for Florida. Marijuana activists are keeping busy working on ways to get Florida to pass more lax pot laws, virtually making marijuana decriminalized. With more states warming up to the idea of marijuana for medical and recreational use, through proper rules and regulations there are very few reasons why Florida wont be able to pass a bill in favor of marijuana a second time around.

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