One of the first lines of business that the central government will get into 2016 is to lead a full evaluation of national drug plans. A week ago, the Office of the Surgeon General reported arrangements to delve into the guts of drug misuse, addiction and wellbeing in the United States with a new investigation that could surely impact the future of drug laws throughout the country.

It appears the data of the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which suggests around 27 million Americans 12 years old or older are utilizing unlawful drugs, for example, “marijuana” and “non-medical” utilization of painkillers, has pushed the country’s driving health official, Vivek Murthy, to lead a thorough examination concerning the universe of intoxicating drugs.

According to a federal notice released on December 31st, the federal government’s intent is to “outline potential future direction” as well as “educate, encourage, and call upon all Americans to take action.” Some believe that the result of the surgeon general’s publication could lead to policy changes regarding marijuana and the federal government. Tom Angell published a piece printout out that the Obama Administration points out addiction issues, yet the federal government still prefers punishment over rehabilitation.

“If President Obama intends to bring federal drug policies and budgets into line with his administration’s rhetoric before he leaves office, he could hardly find a better or more effective way to do it than through the nation’s top medical doctor,” wrote Angell.

This last October, Murthy hinted at the coming of the new report by stating that it was “time for the United States to have a conversation about addiction that is based on medicine and science.”

“We’re going to stop treating addiction as a moral failing, and start seeing it for what it is: a chronic disease that must be treated with urgency and compassion…which is why I’m proud to announce that next year, I will be releasing the first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on substance use, addiction, and health,” stated Murthy.

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