A museum exhibition entirely focused on cannabis is going to open up in California for the first time. There will be many political posters, scientific set-ups as well as interactive multimedia. The people of California will be able to look at the multiple sides of marijuana, whether they be scientific, political, or even social; for instance, even a “Sacred Ganja” display will be set up that will examine the spiritual history of cannabis in ancient culture, which is set up by Cybele Lyle, who aims to convey how cannabis can increase creativity.

Aimed at bringing up a lot of talk about cannabis, the museum exhibition invites viewers to come and debate all feelings about cannabis and take a look at how attitudes have evolved, not just recreationally, but also through the scientific and political spheres as well.

“We hope this exhibit encourages people to think critically about marijuana, the research available on it and how it is presented in the media,” Dr. Sarah Seiter, an associate curator of natural sciences at the Oakland Museum, said. “Our goal is that this exhibition will help people have informed conversations with their families and friends about what type of marijuana policy is right for California.”

Another work of Lyle’s displays is a “Cannabis Confessional,” for private cannabis thoughts and live specimens of marijuana, the museum’s website says. Similar to this one, other exhibits will give visitors the ability to participate.

“…we aim to inspire Californians to create a more vibrant future for themselves and their communities,” museum director Lori Fogarty said. “As part of this, we are dedicated to being a place where people can learn about complex topics and, more importantly, add their voices and stories to the dialogue. Altered State: Marijuana in California” opens April 16—just in time for 420—and runs through September.”

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