Congress Effectively Ends The Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana

Currently the way the law works in Wichita Kansas getting busted for pot is the last thing you want to happen. But if the Pro-cannabis advocacy group kansas for change had their way, things may change for the better.
The president of kansas for change, Esau Freeman is taking the lead roll by taking charge for a statewide marijuana reform, and his first step on the battle field is taking place in the largest city in kansas wichita. Wichita has brought up new weed laws that would apply to 21 years or older.

If passed as written the new repercussions for getting busted for a minimal amount of pot (32 grams or less) will be a 50$ fine in addition after being charged if kept a clean record for one year all records of the incident will be expunged from their permanent record.

If the bill gets passed to decriminalize pot for Kansas Wichita it would send a message of more-relaxed marijuana laws. A previous effort to pass a similar bill before the voters this past year and came up short by 36 signatures after a promising 3,600 signatures were deemed inadmissible, and were thrown out.

Polls reflected a 70% confirmation approving among voters for implementing a medical marijuana program in the kansas, but attempts to create one in 2014 got held up in the state senate by a handful of politicians against all legal advances in marijuana culture.

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