Just a few days ago, a plethora of activists and federal lawmakers petitioned to get rid of the current DEA chief, Chuck Rosenberg, from his position. This was all because Rosenberg referred to medical marijuana as “a joke.” Many influential activists on Capitol Hill have risen to try to destroy the agency why there are already under heat.

Ted Lieu, a Congressman, along with many House members who share the same opinions as he does, sent a letter a week ago calling for some guidance in cutting the funds that the DEA use to run its war on marijuana. At the moment, the United States’s drug enforcers are given $18 million annually to confiscate a plant that has been legalized in over half the country. The opponents say that $9 million of the money should go to other programs that help victims of abuse and such.

This call to take funds away from the DEA comes from the agency’s behavior over the last several months. Sundry federal lawmakers completely opposed the “drug police” earlier this year after reports of DEA agents “having orgies with cartel-paid hookers” was released and went viral. In June, the House of Representatives approved of various proposals looking to stop the DEA from using tax dollars to continue the war on marijuana.

Congressman Lieu introduced one amendment that sought somewhat of a ceasing of the DEA’s Cannabis Eradication & Suppression Program. The House approved of Lieu’s amendment with absolutely no opposition.
The letter “addressed to Speaker Paul Ryan, Democratic majority leader Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Harold Roger and Ranking Member Nita Lowey” pleas that Lieu’s amendment be included in the federal spending bill. The dream is to stop the DEA from squandering taxpayer money to run a program that most of the United States does not even agree with.

“The Cannabis Eradication Program’s sole mission is to eradicate marijuana plants and arrest growers. However, historical data indicates that the vast majority of plants seized under this program are wild plants descendant from industrial hemp,” the letter states. “There is no justification for spending this kind of money on an antiquated program never shown to be effective.”

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