The Drug Enforcement Administration has given its approval to a study on the effects of medical marijuana on post-traumatic stress disorder, the initially randomized, controlled research in the United States for PTSD that will use the real plant rather than oils or synthetic cannabis.
As indicated by the research’s sponsor, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS, the DEA’s endorsement gives scientists the thumbs up to purchase the cannabis for the study from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Once the marijuana has been secured, the scientists will begin recruiting and enlisting members, maybe as soon as June, MAPS representative Brad Burge said.
“The contract with the state of Colorado was signed on April 20 — an unofficial national holiday in some circles — meaning the funds are en route to MAPS. We are now preparing to place the order for the marijuana for the study,” Burge said in an email.
Colorado in 2014 awarded a $2 million award to MAPS for the study and at the same time gave an extra $5.6 million to a few different associations to back medicinal cannabis research. The study initially got approval in March 2014 from the Health and Human Services Department and was set to get in progress at the University of Arizona and different areas within a year. Be that as it may, the project was deferred after the Tucson, Arizona, school ended the agreement with Dr. Sue Sisley, who was then the essential specialist on the project.
Marcel Bonn-Miller with the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine is currently managing the undertaking, with Sisley running half the study in Arizona and Ryan Vandrey regulating the other half at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Work likewise will be directed at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Members will incorporate 76 veterans who have treatment-resistant PTSD. The study will use marijuana of different strains and intensity for examination purposes.


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