Almost fifty people came together on Sunday in south Lansing for the opening of a new church: The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason. The meeting started off with what Jeremy Hall, the organizer, hopes will become monthly meetings that will celebrate the spiritual properties of marijuana. He made it very clear that he was using the word “spiritual.” The church does not have an ideology, texts, or prophets… Just weed.

“The biggest question I get is, ‘How can this be a church if we don’t subscribe to a religious theology?'” he said to attendees. ”Well, the reality is it sounded better than a cannabis cult.”

The people in the church laughed. The church is open to anyone with any type of beliefs, with spirituality brought on by marijuana use becoming the one thing that unites all the beliefs. The first meeting was held at Lansing Herbal Farmers Market on Southland Avenue next to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. A Tennessee transplant, Hall and his wife, Regan, decided to move to Michigan solely because of medical cannabis. Besides distributing marijuana, Hall is a minister who hopes that the church can change peoples’ views of cannabis smokers.

“We’re using our church to elevate the community and to show we aren’t a drain on society or a bunch of unmotivated criminals,” he said.

The church has already begun doing good deeds. Recently, they were giving out water to people on hot days and giving out hygiene kits to attendees to give to anyone that may need it. Some of the members decided to smoke marijuana before while others decided to just stay sober. East Lansing resident Kevin Kesseler was attracted to the debut service by curiosity.

“The current system doesn’t allow for commercialization at the drugs stores or pharmacies until more testing is done,” he complained.

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