Two Marijuana Stocks That Could Be September Picks

September has gotten off to an interesting start for marijuana stocks. With only a week behind us at this point, we don’t fully know what will happen in the coming months. But, as of September 9th, the cannabis industry seems to be quite volatile. Companies like Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CRON) and Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC:TCNNF), have been leading the charge for the future of the cannabis industry. These are two examples of major marijuana stocks that have seen big changes in the past few months.

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On the ancillary end of the cannabis industry, we have companies like Brinks Co. (NYSE:BCO) that have also been able to climb alongside the rest of the cannabis industry. Although not all marijuana stocks are showing increased momentum, a great deal have in the past few months. In that time, Covid has reshaped how the entire cannabis industry works. This includes the newfound use of delivery services as well as online ordering and more. In addition, demand for marijuana has increased greatly. All of this means that these two marijuana stocks could be solid players for September.

A Niche Grower Cannabis Stock

Village Farms International Inc. (NASDAQ:VFF) is one of the better-known niche growers of marijuana. Its primary business is in growing vegetables in a state of the art greenhouse facility. But, after realizing that it could grow cannabis, the company decided to move into the cannabis industry. Now, it haha become one of the most prominent growers of low cost, high-quality marijuana in the industry. In addition, VFF stock gained a lot of headway after announcing a partnership with another grower to create the brand, Pure Sunfarms.

With this, VFF stock has also become a part of the hemp industry as well as cannabis. Because it is in a solid financial position, many investors believe that VFF stock has a great deal of potential moving forward. Investors should keep an eye out to see whether or not it can grow large quantities of marijuana in the future. If so, it would be able to keep up with some of the largest cannabis growers in the industry. With demand for marijuana increasing as mentioned before, Village Farms remains an integral part of the growing cannabis industry.

A MSO Pot Stock in a Unique Market Position

Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC:CRLBF) is one of the largest marijuana retailers in the U.S. in its most recent quarterly report, CRLBF stock posted revenue of around $95 million. This shows a growth amount of roughly 40% quarter over quarter. What makes CRLBF stock such an interesting pot stock to watch is that it is vertically integrated.

While many other MSO marijuana companies have a lot of dispensaries, they usually don’t produce their own products. Cresco Labs on the other hand does. This means that it can sell its products in dispensaries outside of its own, which adds to the potential profitability. Its latest quarterly report showed that CRLBF stock is in a great position moving forward. With operations at the forefront of its business model, Cresco Labs remains an intriguing marijuana stock to watch.

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