Builders are utilizing marijuana “not in joints but between joists.”

The laugh behind the thought of homes “going up in smoke” are inevitable

However the fact is that one of the reasons the marijuana based building material known as hempcrete which is earning acceptance in home construction that is all the way fireproof. As a recent article from the New York Times documented hempcrete has been utilized as a material for building over in Europe for many decades, and more recently it has been mixed in more homes and offices throughout the US. A small group of hemp entrepreneurs can picture a time in the near future where hempcrete will be completely mainstream.

Hempcrete is made with the wood-like interior make of a marijuana plant, which mimics the look and texture of balsa chips. They are mixed with lime and water, and the end material is a block that gives amazing natural insulation while still maintaining flexibility as well as being breathable and fireproof.

And there is no reason to be concerned about young hooligans tearing out your insulation to smoke it. Hempcrete contains an almost imperceptible

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