DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg brought tons of negative attention to himself earlier in November because he had referred to medicinal marijuana as “a joke.” Since that time, many marijuana reformers have been contacting the Obama Administration with pleas to get rid of Rosenburg from his current position. This even led to the national advocacy group the Marijuana Majority starting a petition against Rosenburg that has so far gained more than 93,000 signatures.

Yet the issues that the DEA chief’s words have generating have now started a minute war; federal lawmakers have decided to fight this ignorance that occurred this week. Congressman Earl Blumenauer decided to plea that the House of Representatives find a new DEA chief that is opinionated similarly to the majority of Americans on Wednesday. Blumenauer stated that Rosenburg was a “joke” and ““an example of an inept, misinformed zealot.” He added that the attitudes of most of the United States population are not in correlation with those that the DEA chief is trying to instill throughout the land.

“Americans recognize it’s time for a change in direction to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana,” Blumenauer said. “Fifty-eight percent now support legalization, continuing an upward trend in public opinion polls and at the ballot box. Over 75 percent of the American public supports medical marijuana, as does a majority of American physicians.”

“Rosenberg claims medical marijuana is a joke,” he added, “but the proven therapeutic value of cannabis has prompted 23 states, Guam, and the District of Columbia to approve its medical application, and an additional 17 states have authorized its more limited use.”

President Obama is certainly not the first president to believe that marijuana is not as evil as it was once considered, but most of the supporters of medical marijuana have still been attacked under his presidency. Rosenburg does not want to hear any please for medical marijuana because he believes that more research is necessary until the positive claims about medical marijuana can be proven, but he has done nothing to allow for any research to be conducted to understand the potential of medical marijuana.

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