As a reply to citizens who think that Denver is starting to smell too much like cannabis, the City Council has approved a bill that has the intention of strengthening the restrictions and regulation of odors. The new rules were passed on Monday in a vote with no opposition of 13-0. The laws would make people growing marijuana all over the place use better ways of stopping the smell of cannabis from becoming a part of an outsider’s everyday life.
This decision is all part of the council’s newest attempts at putting restrictions on the cannabis industry that would not allow the city’s supply of marijuana to become too high and begin to negatively affect the industry. Just last week, the council backed a bill that would limit the amount of cannabis dispensaries working in the city and put a limit at the current size.
The newest move is said to be phase two of Denver’s plot to take some type of control over legal marijuana. When you look at it, it is an attempt to please the near one hundred people that have complained to the state Department of Environmental Health since recreational marijuana was first legalized in 2014.
With the new bill, business owners and their employees would be a part of a group that would be allowed to complain against marijuana farmers and other manufacturers for very strong smells. Once the city has received five complaints against a facility within one month, an investigation would begin that would help decided whether or not a business is violating any types of laws. One of the greatest things about the new bill is that it would give cannabis operations a chance to work with the city on odor management control. Colorado is working very hard to take complete control of the marijuana industry.

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