Governor John Hickenlooper approved a bill this week that would force school districts to allow medical cannabis. Of course, the law will only be used for students who have permission to use non-smokable cannabis. There are many people who claim that the medical marijuana helps stop the symptoms of dangerous conditions.

Take Jack Splitt of Jefferson County for instance. He has cerebral palsy and uses medical marijuana. He and his mom, Stacy Linn, won a huge battle in 2015 when a law passed that allowed medical marijuana to be used in school.

“He normally has a talker on his chair that he uses to communicate. The marijuana makes it so that he can hold his head still in order to operate that device, and the marijuana also makes it so that he’s not so sedated so that he can’t learn,” Linn stated.

But even after the law was approved in 2015, not one school decided to allow the medicine on campus. In fact, another student, Jaxon Stormes was suspended from his school in 2015 after his mother accidentally packed medical marijuana with his food. Jaxon suffers from Dravet syndrome and experiences multiple seizures. When he was suspended, the school stated that he brought a controlled substance to school.

“He has an IQ of 31. Why are you suspending a kid who didn’t make the lunch and didn’t send it to school?” Jennie Stormes, Jaxon’s mother, said.

Both of the mothers, along with other families, began arguing for their kids to be able to take medical marijuana, which they claim is the only medicine that helps.

“The attitudes are changing and we are so grateful for that because there is no more fear … It’s not scary, it’s good. It’s a miracle,” Linn added.

With the signature of the governor, the new law calls for all Colorado school districts to allow medical marijuana

With the governor’s signature, the new law requires all Colorado school districts to adopt a policy allowing medical marijuana on school grounds.

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