Marijuana has been helping to shape and reshape medicine for the past few years as researchers have been working on new drugs using cannabis to help treat a variety of diseases. Well the issue of legislation on a national level is still getting in the way, it seems as though cannabis may be the pharmaceutical of the future.

On a national level, Democrats have been working to over turn the scheduling of marijuana as a Schedule I substance. This scheduling means that from a law point of view, cannabis has no medicinal value and a high chance of addiction. Both of these claims have been highly disputed by not only individuals, but by a large amount of scientific research. One of the most prominent fighters for marijuana use is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. She recently stated in regard to the fight to ban marijuana use that “”To them it’s competition for chronic pain, and that’s outrageous because we don’t have the crisis in people who take marijuana for chronic pain having overdose issues. It’s not the same thing. It’s not as highly addictive as opioids are. On the federal level, we really need to say it is a legal drug you can access if you need it.”

Gillibrand continued to state that her opinion is that marijuana should be the choice drug for those when it is up against opioids for pain management and other illnesses. A large amount of research has come out showing how marijuana is one of the most effective drugs to fight off pain, and has little to no side effects. Whereas opiate based painkillers are highly addictive and research shows that the drugs do not work well for pain given how quickly patients can form a tolerance. She stated that “I don’t see it as a gateway to opioids. What I see is the opioid industry and the drug companies that manufacture it, some of them in particular, are just trying to sell more drugs that addict patients and addict people across this country.” It is clear that the fight for marijuana use at a federal level is underway, and it could be any minute now when prohibition on a national level finally ends.

Many companies have continued to produce new drugs using cannabis such as Cannabidiol, produced from CBD, one of the most important chemicals in marijuana. The drug helps to give patients an unparalleled amount of pain relief while giving no side effects and no high as well. This means that it can be wildly successful at doing its job, while having no potential for abuse. It may sound ridiculous to have such a miracle drug waiting at our doorsteps, but it is true.

CBD, one of the active chemicals in marijuana, has been used as a derivative for quite some time to give patients the health benefits of using cannabis, but without the high. Many studies have come to prominence showing that CBD has a large amount of potential to treat a wide variety of diseases. The drug, is THC free, which means that it does not have any psychoactive potential whatsoever. THC is the main active component of marijuana that gives users a high, so to take this out, takes away a majority of the addictive potential for the drug. CBD has been given to children because of this, as a safe alternative to the majority of pain killers out there. With little side effects, and no intoxication to worry about, it seems like drugs based in cannabis have a massive future ahead of them.

One of the main things that is underway is research. More and more research is being done on these drugs to ensure that it is fully safe and available for patients who need it. The final front seems to be that of the legislative one, and even that seems to be on the way up. The hopes are high that the next few years will see an increase in the amount of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals entering the market.

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