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The cannabis industry has continued to bring in a whole slew of new investors amidst frequent legislative moves and the public perception changing in favor of the growing market. Because of how exciting cannabis has been, the market has been able to continuously adapt to let innovation and positive change help guide the field. These stocks have been able to be at the forefront of the growing industry and continue to lead the way.

The company CannTrust Holdings (OTCMKTS:CNTTF) has been at the forefront of the medicinal cannabis market and has been working with a large amount of exposure to the Canadian market. The company has stated that their goal is to continue producing high quality, 100% pesticide free cannabis and oils made from cannabis. The company has also been working to conduct a large amount of research using cannabis to see how it can affect various health conditions across the board. According to one report “CannTrust just completed their first overseas shipment of cannabis oil to Denmark-based StenoCare. CannTrust’s cannabis oil is the first and only to gain acceptance on the Danish Medicine List thus far. Incidentally, StenoCare will launch Europe’s first IPO by a medical marijuana company next month. Such a move will likely expand CannTrust’s reach within Europe.” The European market has been one of the most promising spaces for companies to expand given how large it has the potential to be in the coming months to years. The hopes are high that CannTrust can continue to move forward throughout the industry.

The company MariMed (OTCMKTS:MRMD) has been another one of the medicinal marijuana companies that has been working to dominate the field in the past few months. MariMed has been working to up their production standards so that they can help to outfit new businesses with the best ways to grow their product. This has been a large help to the industry as many new companies do not have the time to do this research on their own. MariMed has also been working to produce their own products that they sell under their brand name which have become a massive success throughout the market. The company has also benefited from having a large amount of exposure to the Canadian market and could potentially benefit from being one of the first companies to be able to export product into the U.S. As legislation continues to change throughout the field, it seems as though MariMed could become one of the more important players in the market.

The last company on the list is Integrated Cannabis (CSE:ICAN). Integrated Cannabis “is comprised of dedicated scientists and product engineers who are passionate about health and creating health and lifestyle products utilizing advanced delivery systems and formulations.” The company has also seen a large amount of rise in its volume and has been one of the leaders of the field in terms of this metric for some time now. Integrated Cannabis remains one of the more important companies to watch as we move toward the future of legislation and legalization of cannabis throughout the world.

Cannabis, as an industry has remained highly lucrative for many investors who have gotten in early and the massive amount of innovation, continues to be the leading force for growth in the market. The hopes are high that these companies can continue to lead the fight for the future of the space.


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