There are many people who undervalue the importance of sleep. However, despite that, sleep is becoming increasingly recognized as vital to public health. There are various studies that have reported a lack of sleep leading to motor vehicle crashes, industrial accidents, and medical or other occupational errors. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are between fifty and seventy million people over the age of nineteen who suffer from a sleep disorder. The number is just as large amount teenagers; a reported 43.7% of teenagers unintentionally fell asleep at least once in the last month.

“[Having insomnia] is like desperately wanting to fall asleep but never being able to,” Kate Quinn, an eighteen-year-old who suffers from insomnia, said to Marijuana Stocks when asked about insomnia. “It’s never being able to fall asleep or stay asleep and as a result, I get sick more often and have more migraines.”

This is obviously a huge issue, and there are many people against the idea of using sleeping pills for various reasons. Often, parents of children with sleeping disorders assume that their children are merely trying to stay up late and do not treat the problem as they should. As a result, teenagers and adults alike begin to try their own methods, most of which involve marijuana.

Thanks to the fact that there are different types of marijuana, the potential to help is much better. For instance, indica strains often result in heavier sleepy effects while other strains can make you more energetic. In addition, results have indicated that aged marijuana can make you even sleepier and can make you fall asleep faster. That is why marijuana has been prescribed for PTSD or other conditions that result in a lack of sleep. Well, if that is the case, then why not legalize medical marijuana for insomnia?

Based on the past, we’ve seen that officials are very strict when deciding what conditions to legalize medical marijuana for. There are many people fighting for many different conditions to be added to the list of conditions states have set up to be approved for medical marijuana. However, Congress is not moving because they fear giving too many people access to the drug when they may not necessarily need it. That can all change soon, though. It is evident that the general opinion of marijuana has become more positive over time, and if the DEA reschedules marijuana, more research will be conducted on the drug. Hopefully, in time, insomniacs such as Quinn will be able to be prescribed medical marijuana instead of having to take pills with various side effects.

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