The market for buying cannabis and cannabis related products on the internet has become quite a large market over the course of the past few years. With so many people choosing to purchase their products in the digital space, it is no wonder that they are turning to the internet to purchase their marijuana.

A new study has come out showing that the future of weed could be based in the digital world. The study was able to analyze through the use of different keywords, how many people are turning to the internet to buy cannabis. With a 12 year study now done, the purchase of cannabis through the internet is up almost 200%. By last year at this time, as many as 2.4 million searches were made to try and buy cannabis on internet based resources. The study states that “The searches weren’t restricted to states with legal recreational weed or even medical marijuana. In fact, for the first seven years of the study, there were no legal recreational states. All but two states of the 44 analyzed by scientists showed a growing number of searches every month related to buying weed online. (The six least populated states weren’t included in the study.)”

The study continues to show that as many as 41% of the searches made were for purchasing cannabis and not just researching the substance. Although cannabis may be legal for recreational use, it is still very much illegal to buy online. Many shops do offer the option to place an order online for cannabis, but the individual has to pick up the product in person.

One of the main issues with with buying cannabis online is not the legality of it, but rather the fact that many people get scammed through this method. Many individuals have reported getting ripped off after seeing glamorous pictures online of cannabis. The other concern with purchasing weed online is the fact that law enforcement have a difficult time policing it. Since the purchase is made online, often times the weed has to make its way across state lines. This can lead to police busting individuals for crimes that they didn’t even know they were committing. Cops have recently set up online platforms using popular social media sites to try and catch people trying to purchase cannabis before they do it. Some police officers have even gone so far as to make fake advertisements online to try and catch these people in the act. These online cops have worked to create incredibly legitimate profiles that have ended up catching a large amount of the people trying to purchase cannabis.

The authors of the study have been working to try and stop people from using the online method. In addition to it being illegal, many people are trying to help give the legal industry a good name. With so much work being done to try and cement the industry on cannabis into the national setting, it seems like it is counterintuitive to go about it in this way. The authors of the study have also called out some of the online service providers, asking them to help block the searching of illegal cannabis. The studies authors have also pointed out the flaws in the national legislation of cannabis, which is leading many individuals to take this route to purchasing the plant. The future of cannabis will likely be much more legitimate in this way, helping to cement the market into the national ecosphere. Only time will tell how the effect of studies like these works on the overall market for time to come.

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