In the second season of the new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, viewers will watch the science guy walking into a dispensary to purchase marijuana. Yes, that’s right, Bill Nye is buying weed but not to smoke, yet in the name of science. Series two is set to be release on December 29, and just as the first season, he will explore scientific issues that affect one’s day to day life. And, this season that includes medical marijuana.

“Cannabis, as a whole, appears to alleviate pain,” Nye states in the trailer for the second season of the series.

In the very first episode of this season, he will explore the pros and cons of medical marijuana. As medical marijuana usage becomes more prevalent in today’s world as twenty-nine states have legalized it, and some have legalized adult recreational use as well. The quirky scientist is then shown in a dispensary in Hollywood, where he awkwardly goes on to purchase marijuana.

“I would like to buy some marijuana,” he says to the employee at the dispensary. “This is for science.”

Nye explained in an interview that his purchase was for an experiment where he played ultimate frisbee with others that were high, but he did partake in the fun. Nye added that he is not “not crazy about the smell.” He said that the process to purchase medial marijuana was easier than expected and that the experiment reinforced his views on marijuana.

“There is a very strong argument that keeping it as a Schedule l drug, is not based on any science,” Nye explained. “Schedule I means that it’s presumed to be addicting and it’s presumed to have no medical value. But people use marijuana and marijuana extracts for all sorts of medical applications. So you got to think there’s something to it” Nye said.

For years, Nye has been an advocate of medical marijuana and has made appearances on multiple platforms to express his opinions. Recently, Nye was on a “NowThis” video, stating that marijuana should be legalized, regardless of his own personal disinterest. Nye is also known for mocking scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, following his rambling response to Richard Dawkins regarding the concept of consciousness. Nye mimicked taking a bong hit prior to ridiculing Tyson’s response.

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