Cannabis in China has been declared illegal since 1985. However, the Yunnan province in China has allowed the cultivation of cannabis for the production of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol has recently become the hotly demanded for consumer’s health and beauty in various parts of the United States. Tan Xin, the chairman of Hanma Investment Group, has recently added to its cultivation. The group has huge potential in terms of oils, sprays, and balms for treating various diseases like acne, insomnia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many more.

Marijuana production against law an unnatural coincidence

China has been cultivating cannabis for thousands of years for textiles, hemp seeds, and oil. Although China has recently adopted its cultivation on a regular basis, it’s not that late for opportunities to open in the future. The People’s Republic of China, which was incorporated in 1949, made a crucial decision on banning the drugs. Also, the cultivation of marijuana was strictly forbidden and the ones using it for illegal purposes had to face the death penalty in extreme cases.

Cannabis herb a cure for the nation indeed

The cultivators produce cannabis in order to sell crops that would be used by the textile factories for making standard quality fabric. The leaves would be used by pharmaceutical companies for producing medicinal drugs. The seeds were sold to food companies for making kitchen oils, drinks and also different kinds of snacks.

The military also needed cannabis for developing fabrics that were useful for keeping soldiers clean and dry in the humidity of Vietnam. Cannabis hemp was also seen to be very antibacterial. Through various studies and research, it was confirmed that the plant products could be used as a drug in hospitals as well.

As a result of the studies and research, more than half of the world’s patents connected with plant cultivation are now held in China. Although China has permitted the sale of hemp seeds, hemp oil, and the use of CBD in cosmetic products, it has not yet given its complete approval for using cannabidiol in foods and medicines. Even now, the psychotropic effects of cannabis are not fully known.

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