As marijuana becomes one of the most important issues in our country, there’s no wonder why it has become one of the most important topics during the more recent Democratic debates, especially the one on Tuesday, Oct. 13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two biggest Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton, and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, were shot at by CNN during the debate in terms of whether or not they would vote for or against of Nevada’s measure to legalize recreational marijuana.

Bernie Sanders has had a more positive view of marijuana than Clinton since his campaign even began. Even then, he has not stated whether or not he would legalize marijuana nationally but sided with marijuana advocates when responding to the question.

“I would vote yes because I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for non-violent offenses,” Sanders stated. “We have a criminal justice system that lets CEOs on Wall Street walk away, and yet we are imprisoning or giving jail sentences to young people who are smoking marijuana.”

Clinton, though, was able to keep up her “wait-and-see” approach to managing marijuana. Clinton stated that she would not vote for recreational marijuana and had this to say following her response:

“I think that we have the opportunity through the states that are pursuing recreational marijuana to find out a lot more than we know today. I do support the use of medical marijuana, and I think even there we need to do a lot more research so that we know exactly how we’re going to help people for whom medical marijuana provides relief.”

Clinton did suggest, though, that reforms to the criminal justice system need to be reformed in order to handle the non-violent offenses related to marijuana. Because of the difference between Sanders and Clinton’s opinions on marijuana reform, as well as the public’s growing support of marijuana, it is possible to see Sanders’ support rise.

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