Berlin is currently one of the world’s most open and habitable cities. It not only has a booming art scene and lively club atmosphere, but its economy is also relatively stable and productive. Berlin also has a massive LGBTQ scene and support for it as well, along with foods and products popular amongst the younger generations.

What else could a booming city filled with younger people want? Hint: It’s green, valuable, and prominent on the news. It’s not money we’re talking about, but marijuana. Berlin’s current ruling government is a coalition of Social Democrats, Greens, and the Left Party are working hard to launch a project to make marijuana available to adults in a controlled manner.

Even though marijuana is illegal in Germany itself, people who are caught possessing less than 15 grams are not prosecuted. Very similar to the united states, the law on marijuana consumption is decided upon at a state level, not a federal level. This means that each of Germany’s 16 federal states can set their own laws regarding marijuana consumption.

Word on the street and on the web is that marijuana is already very accessible in Berlin. According to a German website, you can walk into almost any public park in Berlin and find people, mostly men, who are loitering around the park looking for people to buy marijuana.

Marijuana selling and consumption has become so widespread in Berlin that police have started to give up on attempting to prosecute users and control the substance. This makes some type of marijuana reform not only favorable but necessary to the city of Berlin if they want to keep marijuana controlled.

This is exactly what Berlin’s cannabis program would cover; they want to involve the federal government and follow a program similar to that of the United States. After seeing the success of marijuana laws and reform in the United States, Berlin thinks that they can expect a similar success in their city.

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