It is the morning after – Not the cute kind of morning after that leaves you with a hilarious story to tell your friends, but the one that has you running to the bathroom with sweat on your brow. Yes, it is the famed hangover kind of morning after. You are vulnerable to queasiness, dehydration and throbbing headaches. It is the body’s ultimate retribution for your foolish, Friday night decision-making. Urban legends advise you to chug beer with your breakfast, desperately scarf down on greasy foods. While these remedies may do their best to quell a hangover’s symptoms, the best cure is undoubtedly a little bit of weed and here’s why.

You know the drill, nausea rolls through your entire body and sends bile rising to the back of your throat. Time to cling to the cold, porcelain basin of your toilet and rethink all your life’s choices thus far. OR, you could smoke a little cannabis to quell that undeniable urge to vomit. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy use weed as an antiemetic because it is an herb of magical proportions when it comes to nausea. The reason it can do such wonders is because of the interactions of chemical compounds with neurotransmitters in the brain. The endocannabinoid system of the body works via receptor sites on cells throughout the body that are stimulated upon cannabis ingestion. The activation of these cells through marijuana consumption suppresses nausea and often ends up working better than convenience store remedies.

You may realize that after a night of drinking you tend to wake up earlier than you normally would on a Saturday morning. This is because you come out of deep sleep and transition into REM (Rapid-Eye Movement) sleep as the alcohol is broken down in your system. Because you may want to be a little sluggish after a night out, you’ll probably find yourself wishing you could fall right back to sleep. With your handy-dandy hangover cure, now you can hibernate to your heart’s content.

One of the two strains of marijuana called Indica has been said to leave users feeling more relaxed and drowsy. Albeit, marijuana affects everyone differently and there are many factors that contribute to how it affects the body, but it should let you sleep off your hangover and wake up to a better tomorrow.

For those wild animals who have chosen to party it up with work in the morning, Indica is not the strain for you. There is no time for sluggish lollygagging to bring you down. You might want to try Sativa, another strain of marijuana known to stimulate activity through bursts of energy. Sativa can stimulate creativity and help you focus at work where, without it, you’d likely be hiding out in the restroom with a mountain of regrets.

The pounding at your temples that suddenly worsens when noises around you reach certain alcoves and pitches is just another symptom of this vengeful hangover affliction. Much in the same way that cannabis can stimulate the cannabinoid cell receptors to offset nausea, the consumption of the drug can help alleviate headaches. There is a reason why doctors prescribe marijuana to people suffering from chronic pain, it works.

With this magical bit of information at your fingertips, you can, responsibly, party on. Hangovers shmangovers. Now you can comfortably go about your activities after a night of drinking without debilitating nausea or headaches. This has, finally, become a morning after that you can cheer for.

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