With the large amount of legalization for cannabis happening around the world, the market has been able to grow various different companies with varying levels of volatility. With the issue of legalization proving to be slightly an issue throughout the North American market, it seems that the future of cannabis is where the real money will be.

There are many stocks that have grown in the past several years with the new emerging market, and some seem to be better for investors than others. Given that the market on cannabis is still very much in its infant stages, many of the companies are seeing high levels of fluctuations and volatility in their prices. This is often a good thing, but some investors have been looking for safer ways to invest in the broader cannabis market.

One of the most well known and largest players in the industry is Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ). Constellation is not fully a marijuana company in any way, but their distribution network has helped to bring them into the growing market of weed. News came out towards the end of last year showing that Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED), another big player in the market, was entering a partnership with Constellation. The company has seen their investment double since that time with gains of over $464 million on an initial investment of $191 million. Constellation has been around for some time as they currently are the largest distributor of beverages in the U.S.. They currently have as much as $1.5 billion in capital, and are continuing to look for new ways to invest in the cannabis market.

Another one of the safer options for the cannabis market comes from quite an unusual source. Jack in the Box (NASDAQ:JACK), is widely regarded as one of the fast food favorites in the U.S., but little know that they have been introduced to the world of cannabis. According to one report “Within quick-service, we note Jack in the Box has the greatest exposure to recreational marijuana use becoming more widely accepted in states that have already legalized use (10% of the store base), as well as 5 states with an upcoming legalized recreational use proposal on state ballots for the November election (52% of the store base),” one Cowen analyst noted a few years back. “The latter is driven by 42% of the Jack store base that is located in California.”

Last on the list is the popular company known as Scotts Miracle-Gro (NYSE:SMG). Scotts made their debut into the weed industry in quite a different way. Scotts Miracle-Gro has entered the space via providing the materials and chemicals to those who grow cannabis. They are considered to be one of if not the largest supplier for the weed growing market. Scotts has also recently made their way into the hydroponic sector, providing even more resources for those with a green thumb. In recent news, Scotts announced that they were purchasing the hydroponic distributor Sunlight Supply for around $450 million. This acquisition is one of many that’s happening throughout the modern day cannabis market that is continuing to fuel more and more growth throughout the sector.

The hopes are high that the market on cannabis will be able to mature in the near future, reaching some sense of where it can potentially go in the coming years. Only time will tell how these partnerships and ancillary industries will continue to effect the broader market on cannabis, securing partnerships for the future of the space.

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