Who could forget this time last year!

The Marijuana Sector was nearing its peak making stoners and Soccer moms boatloads of digital cash. It seemed every day was green, everyone was happy, negativity was non existent and #Wolfpack was trending #1 on twitter not once, but thrice! Ahhhh the good old days, and looking back a year later maybe we as a majority of new investors were a tad naive; myself included. The biggest difference between then and now in my opinion is CONTINUITY. Webster’s definition of Continuity is an “uninterrupted connection, succession, or union.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

While we may have lost some continuity as a collective mass we have gained something invaluable; experience and the ability to take profit. As such over the past 5 months we at Marijuana Stocks have taken much into account with various Marijuana related stocks appearing in a multitude of different sector verticals. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel by any means, but taking the past into account we have managed to find a few diamonds in the rough so to speak. Many of which have come and gone under the radar, but as our audience has grown to a news & information staple, we felt it necessary to put pen to page so to speak and congratulate the readers that used our articles as a reference point to go green in the only place it matters; the wallet. In case you are new to MarijuanaStocks.com, i’m talkin about CGRW, THCZ & OXIS….

CGRW (previously BZCN):

On October 8th after Marijuanastocks.com was just newly minted, we decided that we needed to find a stock that was not only led by good management, but a company that would make/take important steps towards a fruitful MMJ storyline. We also wanted to find a company that no one had heard about, a company that wasn’t fighting the fatigue of a bubble collapse in April of that year. It is there that we found BZCN, which is now CGRW (CannaGrow Holdings) the price of the stock at the time we published our first “Connect the Dots” piece was .05 (https://marijuanastocks.com/connecting-dots/). The great thing about this story is that the company started to execute on some of those dots and as people started to see what was going on they were able to go back and reference our article, the result at first was a few hundred percent in gains with steady profit taking along the way. In late January in 3 months the stock had gone up an astounding 2000% and people took profit, which they should. You don’t buy any stock to keep in your account unless it’s GE, but even after today’s volatility the stock is still up over 1300% (.67).


People like beverage plays, just ask the people in $MINE & knowing this an checking out some of the happenings in THCZ (Total Hemp Crazy) we liked it, but we weren’t immediately sold on it at first. Three things became a factor for us… #1 was the prevalence of Hemp in the national conversation starting to gain steam. #2 We looked at other plays in the marijuana sector that had a hemp element to it and watched at how they were trading and reacting to news as mentioned above. #3 just like CGRW, we wanted to find a company that was under the radar and not fatigued, a stock that we felt just needed a push out of the gates so to speak. As Goose says “lets kick the tires and light the fires!”

On December 18th we wrote: https://marijuanastocks.com/totally-hemp-crazy-inc-hold-fate-red-bull/ and we focused the speculation on what things could be, the price per share was .0115. I will be the first person to tell you I was not prepared for what happened that day; a 95% gainer! I even took to twitter and said to take profit because I was shocked at the performance. It settled obviously as profit takers stepped in as they should, but then a stock that had sparse volume & corporate updates had fuel in the engine. Two and a half months later the price is .0395 after today’s close, that’s 350% roughly. The readers that read the above article are happy i’m sure, but this is organic growth at it’s best.


Now as many of you know INSY is a NASDAQ Biotech company that’s market cap is over 1 Billion Dollars, it doesn’t need my help. It is one of my favorite stocks in the entire sector and it was widely covered by me on WolfofWeedStreet.com where we called an entry on it between $37-39 and it has performed as many analysts figured it would. Our very own analyst at MarijuanaStocks.com Matt McCall (yes the same Matt McCall from Fox Business) really likes this stock as well. It has beaten out targets of $51 and soared to $61 last week and hit a high today of $60.34 before profit takers stepped in. This is the perfect segway to the next stock I will discuss because Biotech is my favorite vertical in the marijuana sector…


On January 12th we wrote our second “Connecting The Dots” piece on OXIS Biotech, a company that has been public for more than 20 years (https://marijuanastocks.com/bought-gwph-insy-0-02/). We really liked the story here, as well as the share count & the management. It’s a compelling story since the CEO of OXIS Tony Cataldo was the CEO of a company that had humble beginnings so to speak (LBIO). Lion Biotech was a company that started as a .02 stock with a market cap of around $2,000,000 and now has a market cap today of $264,000,000. Last week it uplisted to the NASDAQ, but what we like about it was the team that got it there. OXIS now has the same team from LBIO coming in to specialize on cell therapies for a cancer called Myeloma. If you aren’t aware of what Myeloma is I suggest you watch Vice’s show on HBO called “Killing Cancer,” where that form of cancer is discussed; but I digress. OXIS has performed until recently as many biotechs do, sideways action and a steady trading channel with some pops in the action like the day it became a fully reporting OTCQB company. This week though things have changed drastically and it seems to have the engines revved up. we had an entry at this between .022-.024 and today after almost 2 months of solid accumulation it is up roughly 70% with a close today at .0395. We have a continued positive outlook for this one and if the management keeps executing the way they have it will be the Biotech MMJ play for 2015.

These days I get asked a lot about gimicky stocks all over the sector, but the main question I get asked is what happened to the days of Unicorns (1000% gainers) and multibaggers. The answer I have is simple, read between the lines, connect the dots, and pay attention to information you can reference here. Oh and in case you are wondering we are working on a few more Connect the Dots pieces that may resurrect some of the OG’s of the sector. We shall see. Happy Trading…


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  1. The readers of this article do not even remotely understand how spot on your comments are with regard to this very specific topic. So let’s see how good you are at really connecting dots and finding unicorns. I’ll provide the dots and one year’s time, I will look back and judge how well you did.

    As most private companies do just before they begin to consider going from private to public, a corporate registration was filed last month in Delaware by a company named… GreenKissNY. I go to the link for this company and it’s owned by a nurse from NY. Everything there is a dot, a link… A nexus of some kind but to what? Nothing is finished… Everything is under construction. No doctorate in rocket science needed here. I just found a nurse leading!!! a team of Ivy League trained medical doctors in NY’s 1st private “Agro-Biotech cannabinoid” company that is owned by a holding company that someone has just created; a holding company which is considering going public. Best thing is that it does everything organic herb related (organic foods, organic craft beer, medicinal/recreational designer cannabis, Neutraceutical Cannabinoids, Hemp Clothing, green real estate, etc…) Better thing… I think I found it before it goes public.

    Hope this helps in proving your point about there still being unicorns out there. You just have to believe. Refer to the “Buzz” section in http://www.iGreenKiss.com

    Kindest Regards,

    Ivy League trained Dr. From New York

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