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When looking at the cannabis industry as a whole, from the many niches such as health, wellness, fashion, and construction; cannabis is used to source it all. Going beyond the market and marijuana stocks, companies are developing groundbreaking products that are adding value to the consumer market. Last year, several cannabis companies announced they would be launching new THC and CBD-infused beverages.

The interest in these products was quickly met with a myriad of billion-dollar investments from big-name beverage companies such as Molson Coors and Constellation Brands to name a few. Though currently, we are still waiting to hear more about the progress of this investment. Studies have shown that the business of cannabis-infused drinks could be worth as much as $600 million by the end of 2020. With that in mind, many pot stocks are working to get their fair share. Investors who are looking to capitalize on this have a few options when looking for marijuana stocks to buy.

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One thing to note is that most of the companies producing these beverages are not solely focused on the production of just cannabis-infused drinks. This is just one area of the business that is serving up quite a bit of potential. Right now, it seems that the beverage niche in the cannabis industry is still very much being developed. With the start of something new comes the opportunity for investors to get at a groud level. So the question remains? Are beverage pot stocks still a buy moving further into 2020?

How Did This Marijuana Stock Enter The Beverage Space

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC Stock Report) is the largest pot stock in the industry by market cap. The company famously received a multi-billion investment from Constellation Brands with the goal of producing cannabis-infused beverages. After Constellation Brand’s investment, the company was able to list on the NYSE which helped to bring a large amount of notoriety to the business. But, Canopy Growth has been slow to develop these drinks. marijuana stocks on robinhood Canopy Growth (CGC)

Instead, the company has spent its time and capital on a series of acquisitions. These acquisitions are seen by many investors as an irresponsible way to spend its large free-standing capital. With such a large market cap, many expect a lot from Canopy Growth in the future. But, with its focus turned elsewhere, hopefully, the company will soon begin to switch gears toward their original focus and look to make a return on the investment that was for the production of marijuana-infused beverages.

What Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Available To The Public

For starters, there are two types of cannabis-infused beverages. The first of these is a CBD-infused drink which does not get the user high. Rather, they offer the medicinal benefits without the psychoactive feeling of THC. Yet there are still a large number of unknowns about CBD, though many people still believe in its health benefits. Cannabis beverage stocks


The second kind of drink offered to consumers is a THC infused beverage. These drinks are essentially edibles that get the user high. This drink unlike the CBD kind offers the same buzz as cannabis but in a drinkable form. Drinking THC infused beverages also allows for larger amounts of THC to enter the body which means a faster and more potent buzz. For this reason, many choose beverages like these as their ideal way to enjoy marijuana. With these products only recently hitting shelves, the success of them has yet to be fully achieved. If proven to be a success, this can resonate back into the market creating positive sentiment for marijuana stocks.

With that being said, many cannabis companies are working to create new and exciting products. With every niche offering something different there is room for new companies to contribute to the growing space of cannabis health and wellness along with other sub-sectors of the cannabis industry.

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