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There is no doubt that the marijuana industry has seen a major boom in the past few years. With so many of the top industry players leading the charge for cannabis reform and new business methods, many have forgotten about the alternative ways to invest in the marijuana industry.

Companies such as those in the packaging industry, real estate development and more have also benefited greatly off of being in the ancillary market associated with weed and they should in no way be overlooked.

Integrated Cannabis Company ICNAF/(CSE:ICAN) is a producer of CBD infused sprays and products for sale throughout the Canadian market. The company has stated that they are also working on producing THC-infused sprays and have received the proper licensing to begin doing so.

Integrated Cannabis has seen their shares rise by as much as 40% since the end of December which is quite telling. One of the major reasons for so much growth in the companies stock is the fact that CBD has received massive interest in the past month or so. With the introduction of the Farm Bill, the ability to produce CBD from industrial hemp has become closer to reality than ever. This is a major benefit to companies producing CBD or CBD infused products and should continue to benefit them as we move into the future.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) is one of the top choice stock picks from many different investor sources. The company has been able to produce large and predictable gains for some time now. IIPR’s stock has risen by as much as 20% in the past three weeks which shows a high correlation with the rest of the gains throughout the marijuana stock market.

With the U.S. industry scheduled to be worth as much as $22 billion by the year 2022, there is still a large amount of room to grow across the board. IIPR is not a typical investment in the marijuana industry as they function as a real estate investment trust. The company owns and operates various marijuana cultivation and processing sites which they then rent to companies looking to do just that.

This puts them in a great place to have a very predictable revenue stream. One of the major benefits of the company as well is the fact that they are an REIT. This means that legally, they have to pay at least 90% of their pretax profits to investors. For this and other reasons, IIPR has become a massive favorite amongst investors, and one that looks as though they could continue to produce long term gains.

As stated before, marijuana still has a large amount of room to grow. The ancillary and alternative space on marijuana stocks should be a great place to begin researching for anyone looking to get into the market. It appears as though there is a large amount of opportunity still left for companies to innovate and produce new ways to get involved in marijuana. The rest of this year should continue to be exciting as January has already become one of the best performing months in a long time.

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