“America first” floated into a cloud of marijuana smoke.

A marijuana-themed protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration went off as planned this past Friday, with over thousands of cannabis joints passed out to the people and at least several hundred smoked four minutes into Trump’s first address as the nation’s chief executive.

As much less mellow protesters set fire to trash cans on K Street and President Donald Trump’s triumphant Inauguration Day parade turned past vacant bleachers, activists with DCMJ-the organization behind the successful 2014 ballot measure that legalized marijuana possession and cultivation in Washington, D.C. accomplished their goal to mark the occasion with a protest toke.

Though the use of cannabis is legal in the District, it remains illegal on federal property-of which there is quite a bit in the seat of the federal government. That said, there were no arrests of marijuana protesters that DCMJ knew of, the organization tweeted at midday Friday.
Friday’s #Trump420 demonstration had been in the works since December.

Disappointed with a total lack of clarity as to what Trump planned to do about America’s widening experiment with marijuana legalization, DCMJ announced Trump, attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions or another decider on Team Trump would have to notify the nation that cannabis would be left as-is. If not, the inauguration party would have a smoking section.

To date, Trump himself has said nothing about marijuana. Sessions, in his Senate confirmation hearings, said very little aside from stating the obvious: that marijuana is federally illegal, and if he’s sanctioned as attorney general-as looks likely-it’s his job to enforce the law. Not exactly encouraging, and more than enough reason to take to the streets with other activists upset with America’s prospects under its new president.

DCMJ originally vowed to roll and pass out 4,200 joints-you know, 420 times 10-among Trump supporters gathered on the National Mall. By the middle of the week, the tally was increased to 5,500 joints, and on Friday morning, organizers said they had 8,000 joints ready to distribute.

According to organizers, “Hundreds” of people gathered and lined up at Dupont Circle to grab a joint before an organized march toward the Mall. On the way, organizers distributed the protest joints in the crowds of Trump supporters assembled to celebrate the transition of power. True to their word, it was a nonpartisan affair, with plenty of star-spangled happy Americans accepting the gift of free weed.

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