The head of a Rhode Island church says she has the grant to utilize a weed based oil amid a request to God and healing service in the state Capitol Rotunda on Monday. Anne Armstrong of The Healing Church says the oil is a “sacrament” utilized for religious consecrating purposes and is secured by the Constitutional right to religious opportunity.

Given her portrayal of how she makes it, it appears to be like oils and items looked for by Pennsylvania occupants and lawmakers pushing to legitimize therapeutic pot, otherwise called medical marijuana. Armstrong gave a duplicate of the email she said she used to ask for a license for the Rotunda occasion from the state Department of General Services, and which expresses the Church will utilize cannabis.

Inquired as to whether there are any cutoff points on the church’s utilization of cannabis amid Monday’s occasion, office representative Troy Thompson said he would need to keep an eye on that. Armstrong says the reason for the service is to bolster the push to legitimize medical cannabis in Pennsylvania. She portrayed the occasion as “an emergency measure to stand up for the kids in the gap as the legislature messes around.”

Attempts to legalize therapeutic pot in Pennsylvania includes various parents of children who have horrible seizures which can not be controlled with drugs that are out. Also, others who say they or others they know need medical marijuana for other conditions such as cancer and PTSD are also involved. Latricia Bentch, one of the parents, said: “I want to make it crystal clear we do not work with this group, and we do not believe in their messaging.”

Christy Billet, another supporter, added “I think they’re pretty much trying to get arrested and make it into a media spectacle. I can’t disrespect what anyone is trying to do to help us … Do I worry this is going to hurt the cause? Yes.”

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