Definition: Very old or old-fashioned.

Synonyms: behind the times, bygone, anachronistic, antiquated


Definition: a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time.

Through out the course of history there have been winners and losers. In the beginning there was Kane & Abel… Kane got the win, Abel got the concellation prize; A rock to the skull. Then there were the Macedonians, Greeks, the Romans conquering the known world by enriching their populous and building infrastructure etc.. Fast forward a few thousand years and you have the United States beating Hitlers ass and reserving him a spot in hell where he gets pineapples shoved up his ass backwards on a daily basis (The Little Nicky version).

Today there is a new fight that has become such a shit show that the American public is fed up with; The battle for the House & Senate as well as the battle for individuals to govern within some of our great states. Just as the Roman’s built roads to help carry our civilization into a new age, today we have the Republicans (with their Tea-Partiers), Democrats and Libertarians.

The Republicans:

Yes, I said it, MA-Ri-Jua-Na! We all remember the Bush administration, the 2008 financial collapse, and Occupy Wall Street. Aren’t certain factions in goverment tired of that line, while the other side loves it? So you might be asking yourself how do the Republicans make people forget? The answer is obvious isn’t it? Weed!

The biggest problem that the party of Lincoln have is that they have a very archaic manner of thinking and they are stuck in a strategy that excludes the gays, the immigrants, the people on main street and most importantly the youth vote. The youth vote is important because at some point all the old people using the antiquated strategy for winning will eventually die (no surprise there) and what they leave behind will be a broken system that excludes rather than being inclusive.

November 4th the Republic will likely have a lot of old timers coming out to vote and they will battle for state rights on the basis that the youth won’t show. The democrats on the flip side are busy sacrificing ground in places they don’t think they can win, which is also foolish. What I’m saying now to both sides is support Marijuana in the states and on a federal level.

The republicans need the youth vote, the same vote that hates George Bush and loves Obama. If people running for re-election like governor Rick Scott say “I support medical marijuana in the state of Florida” its game over for Charlie Crist. On a national level the same can be said for other candidates running for office in the Senate and Congress. Even Rush Limbaugh agrees with me that the Republicans need the Marijuana vote, Google it! If that’s not enough maybe I can appeal to the big business side of Marijuana that is as Carly Shwarz from the Huffington post says “Marijuana market is poised to grow faster than smart phones.” Basically what I am saying is if you want to win seats support medical & recreational marijuana. It’s big business and the stoners will likely forget about the last republican in office. The end… Drops Mic

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  1. Don’t exhale too hard, Rick Scott might think you are a fan and not come out. If I knew how to stutter type I would have.

  2. Seems like a pretty sound strategic plan. I can see that you have given it a considerable amount of thought. Why hell – with that strategy even I could become a very successful campaign strategist.

    Hmmm…. Where to start? A big ‘thumbs up’ and Bill Chabaan for President!

    Yeah … that’s the ticket.

    I liked it!

  3. Yeah look… It’s a black and white strategy that cut’s right to the point. If people come out to vote for someone that supports abortion or some other dumbass evangelical cause why not rally the people that want weed.

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