Last Week a story that was widely circulated showed an apparent video of Malia Obama, the first daughter, smoking weed at Lollapalooza. I find it absolutely hilarious that the pundits and right-wing media folks have such an issue with Malia smoking a little weed instead of attending the Democratic National Convention. Let’s be honest with ourselves, would you as a teenager rather see your favorite bands with friends or hang around with a bunch of people kissing your ass in the hopes you tell your dad about it? I think not. People have nothing better to do than stand on their moral soap boxes and spout debunked myths about cannabis. What I find really funny about all this is the fact that Malia Obama recently got into Harvard University. Yes Harvard, the hardest school in the United States of America to get into, and before you say it was because her dad is the President or that He and Michelle are Alumni, keep in mind Harvard doesn’t care. This goes to show you that “You too can get into Harvard, even if you smoke weed.” Since we’re on the subject of Obama…

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama has repeatedly admitted to smoking marijuana ( a schedule 1 drug) and taking bumps of cocaine (A Schedule 2 Drug) in the past. Well, as the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess. Barack, smoked weed, went to Harvard, became a US Senator, followed by President of the Free World and had a daughter that also Smoked weed.I believe the term is “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Smoke weed, you can still become President, don’t believe me, just ask George W. Bush a Yale grad that enjoyed some weed and nose candy.

Michael Bloomberg-

Media tycoon, former Mayor of New York City and Republican Michael Bloomberg has a network of over $40,000,000,000 (Billion dollars, not a typo). When asked once if he had ever indulged in the awesomeness of Cannabis he said “You bet I did, and I enjoyed it.” Clearly you can see that even a pothead can be good with money, if this was a story about people that used cocaine it would be about all the people that snorted their wealth up their nose. How there is still a debate on the safety of cannabis vs cocaine and other schedule 2 drugs is just plain crazy, but let’s move on. You too can become a billionaire, a mayor and all around nice guy even if you smoke weed.

Michael Phelps-

Phelps the greatest Olympic athlete of all time still winning gold at the Rio Olympics and probably still smoking weed in the off season. Phelps is proof of just how innocuous marijuana can be. Those against marijuana prohibition will state that the drug will ruin your life, make you lazy, etc. Michael Phelps destroys that argument by being the most decorated Olympian of all time with twenty-one (and counting) gold medals! It actually turns out that the masterminds behind the Olympics were under the same impression; in 2013, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) changed their rules concerning marijuana. No one was really paying attention when they made this rule change because they were focusing on the banned substances being added. In 2016 the limit of THC in your system was moved to 150 ng/ml. Basically that means you can’t show up stoned when competing, drunk or hungover. Theoretically you can smoke a month before you compete and be a-ok. You can smoke weed and still be the most prolific Olympic Athlete Ever.
Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s celebretory smoking of a joint after winning 1975 Mr. Olympia title. It’s a popular scene from “Pumping Iron,” but Cannabis is actually very good for a pre or post workout ritual as it helps the muscles recovery from a good pumping. Arnold is proof positive that you too can smoke weed, win Mr. Olypia, become a Hollywood action star and then become Governor of California. If Schwarzenegger was popping pills of Oxy (a schedule 2 drug) this would be an article about all the potential that was wasted. Smoke Weed, become a movie star, become Governor and marry a Kennedy!

Americans support legalizing recreational marijuana is over 61% these days, what’s also impressive 89% of Americans said they support legalizing medical marijuana. As we have seen in the last seven days the DEA which stands for Doesn’t Ever Acknowledge Facts continues to fight a fake war on drugs and the FDA (which should actually be in charge of rescheduling) has no power. Share this article, especially with your evangelical friends that continue to spout false claims about how cannabis will make you dumb and ruin your life.

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