The 3 things I’m most excited about for the coming year:
Moving into 2015 I am excited primarily about three interlocking aspects of what we were challenged with through 2014. As such we are bringing continuity to the American Green brand

The market continues to mature and eventual controlled legalization is sure to be everywhere. There is little

chance of getting the toothpaste back in the tube at this point, and for good reason!
During this year which was rough for everyone by the by, we were able to organize the company into, to put it bluntly, a company. Processes, responsibilities, CRM, workflow, accountability – all supporting a sales and marketing driven company which has enabled us to make, track and grow on sales success(es) and we now have data to help us actualize what we anticipate to be a very bright future.

The companies/divisions we’ve assembled (and have targeted for the future) allow American Green to participate in critical, high margin sales wherever a representative of the company finds himself/herself. Products for a dispensary? No problem. Cultivation? No problem. And so on.
To cap all that, if one reads between the lines in recent PRs, one would know that we are subtly diversifying to capitalize on our products in a variety of markets. Sure, we’ll always be on the cannabis index, but we are becoming so much more as a result of all of the above. Exciting times to be sure, but beyond that a degree of shareholder security through diversification. We are exactly where we want to be.

Regards ERBB shareholders-
Stephen Shearin
President and COO

Here is a teaser for what’s to come from American Green, full video coming soon to

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