The cannabis industry continues to face threats from Attorney General Jeff Sessions as his campaign against cannabis continued this week.

The AG recently said, “I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing tolerance of drug use. But too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable. I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store. And I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful. Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.”

Sessions should take a lesson from Joe Rogan. In a YouTube video, Rogan said, “The only reason why marijuana is illegal is because of economics. If marijuana was legal, it would cost pharmaceutical and alcohol companies billions of dollars every year. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is funded by alcohol companies. Alcohol is a sanctioned drug”

Marijuana can treat several debilitating diseases and improve the daily life of millions of people around the world.

Ten illnesses that can be treated by marijuana

1.Marijuana can be used to treat and prevent glaucoma. According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana decreases the pressure inside the eye. “Studies in the early 1970s showed that marijuana, when smoked, lowered intraocular pressure (IOP) in people with normal pressure and those with glaucoma.”

2.Marijuana helps reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improves lung health. In January 2012, a study was published in Journal of the American Medical Association which said marijuana does not impair lung function and it can even increase lung capacity.

3.Marijuana can help control epileptic seizures. Charlotte Figi suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome and a strain of marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web” has decreased Charlotte’s seizures from 300 a week to just one every seven days.

4.Marijuana can decrease anxiety. In 2010, researchers at Harvard Medical School suggested that that some of marijuana’s benefits may be associated with reduced anxiety.

5.THC slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. A study led by Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute suggests that marijuana may be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In 2006, the study published in the journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics found that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, slows the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that makes them. These plaques are what kill brain cells and cause Alzheimer’s.

6.Marijuana helps ease the pain associated with multiple sclerosis. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) has developed a drug derived from cannabis called Sativex which helps patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

7. Marijuana relieves arthritis discomfort. In 2011, researchers said that marijuana alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and promotes sleep, which may help relieve pain for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

8.Marijuana can potentially eliminate Crohn’s disease. A study in Israel showed that smoking a joint significantly reduced Crohn’s disease symptoms in 10 out of 11 patients. Marijuana caused a complete remission in five of the patients.

9.Marijuana helps veterans suffering from PTSD. The Department of Health and Human Services recently signed off on a proposal to study marijuana’s potential as part of the treatment for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

10.Marijuana reduces some of the pain and nausea from chemotherapy and stimulates appetite.

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  1. Sessions is a classic example of how out of control the federal gov’t has become. The fed gov’t has absolutely zero authority granted to it to regulate much of what it is regulating. There is zero authority for the fed to regulate medicine, education, the environment, our health, and their over reach has become akin to despotism and more closely adheres to a tyrant State and dictatorship than anything remotely resembling a representative republic. The States formed the compact that created the United States of America. The created (U.S.A.) lawfully and legally can not hold higher authority than the creator(the individual States). Further if the actual lawful truth be told, there is no legal authority for any fiction to hold any power or jurisdiction over any living being. The States and the gov’ts they claim to have authority and jurisdiction over the people are nothing but constructs of fictional entities. They are merely a registered name of a corporation on file with another created fictional entity known as a State. States are corporations, corporations are fictional entities created by men in order to allow these entities the ability to interact with living people in order to sue and be sued, to levy tax, to write law and prosecute against living people who are deemed to have violated those laws and in order to give decrees and orders to people in other agencies of gov’t called law enforcement agencies who then go out and physically arrest and cause physical harm or death to people because a non living entity, a fiction has been said to make a claim against a living being. How is it possible for a fiction to make a claim? How is it possible for a fiction to have authority above its creator and so much authority that it can demand that living beings who are above the created entity to take the life of another living being? People need to wake up to the fact that the States and the United States are nothing but fictions who’s granted authority does not in any way ever rise above a living breathing human beings. When you are charged with a crime that is being prosecuted by the State or a city or municipality it is always brought by a non living claimant and then has a living representative called a prosecutor with no knowledge at all that is first hand who then somehow steps in and takes up the claim as if they have first hand knowledge of a crime. They don’t, it is all heresay. This is true in the biggest scam of all across this country called traffic courts. These States and cities have no jurisdiction over anyone because they can not ever provide any evidence that the statutes and codes apply. When they claim they apply because we are physically located within their geographically defined areas is to say that because you are physically here, anything written on a piece of paper by someone who knows where at who knows when, then they can say you answer to their assumed authority over you where you never granted them any such thing in writing or by choice or by volunteering it to them. They say we are in a social compact with the gov’t because it provides us with things. That is a lie, did you ever become a party to a compact or contract you never get to see the terms of? Have you ever signed any document giving your rights away to some fictional entity that is not even living? Was there ever a meeting of the minds between you and any other entity where you agreed to this compact or contract they claim to have you bound to just because you have your feet within their geographically defined area? A geographically defined area that was also claimed by others who you never met or are even alive today? The gov’ts can present no evidence to support they have jurisdiction over anyone and as such, they have no authority over you or anything you may do so long as what you do causes no harm to another’s life or their property. Fictions can not be above the reality of living people unless you fall for their lies and deceptions. We all know what lawyers and politicians do for a living and what they do best…they deceive, they lie, and they steal, and they cheat. They are professionals at those things and make their living doing those things. Why the hell is anyone giving them the time of day. They are stealing from your family and friends and neighbors and throwing them in jails and giving orders to their privatized militarized police agencies to go as far as killing us if we do not comply or we resist their impositions they place upon us as if they are above us and have the authority to do the things they do. They don’t have that authority because the only authority they have and continue to claim is supported and created by their own hands. They use precedents handed down by actors within their cabal to claim more authority all the time. How can a ruling entity be trusted to regulate itself and act fairly toward those who naturally oppose it and who are harmed by it? It can not possibly have unbiased opinion and this is demonstrated continuously in court case after court case wherever the gov’t is the plaintiff or the defendant. The judges overwhelmingly rule in favor of their own, the gov’t. The State signs their paycheck, the prosecutors paycheck and the policeman’s paycheck. They have an inherit conflict of interests because they all represent the same entity and are joined in their efforts to convict you. You have no vast resources available to you, no endless supply of money and time to use to defend yourself against the State actors who are paid by the same fictional entity called the State. Please learn about jurisdiction and that they have no evidence to show that they have any jurisdiction over you. In every single matter between the State and anyone at all, the matter of jurisdiction must be answered first when brought into question. This is because jurisdiction MUST be had and MUST be established prior to anything proceeding. No jurisdiction means no case can be brought because they have no legal standing to do so without it. Stand your ground when attacked by these State actors when they assume jurisdiction over you. Demand they show evidence that proves they have jurisdiction and they fail. Every single time. They have no evidence of jurisdiction and can never get it so long as you do not give it to them. They will try to trick you and they will lie to you and deceive you and most of all they will bully you and try to scare you using threats and violence. Which in the end is all they ever have to use to intimidate you. Threats of violence against you and theft of your property. Quit allowing the criminals to rule over us and win against them using their own rules and their own kangaroo courts. Jurisdiction is the key they must have and they never have it. They always assume it and if you don’t challenge it, it is the same as giving it to them.

  2. Big lobbyists like Pharma, Alcohol & Tobacco are/have been working for decades to prevent widespread adoption & use of MJ or it’s derivatives…. ! Follow the Money trail….

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