The Threat Behind Cannabis Strains & Trademarks


Pot Valet is the leading provider of premium-grade marijuana in California. It’s medical marijuana delivery service is rapidly growing in every city in the state, and the company is looking to expand nationwide. The company offers patients safe, legal and discreet access to their marijuana, taking out their need to actually travel to dispensaries. According to Pot Valet, intellectual property rights for cannabis strains are an advancing, but a dangerous trend.

Companies have been creating their own strains and protecting them through trademark laws. Profits are taking precedence over the rights of patients to access genetically pure marijuana. A trademark is a visual indication, like a symbol, phrase, or word that businesses use to identify and distinguish their products from those of their competitors. Though this may be a branding advantage, it has its downfall.

The reason companies patent strains and trademarking them is to innovate an association in consumer’s minds between brands and products. It allows the owner to give exclusionary rights to it, which entails that he or she can stop others from using it, or having similar markets like theirs.

A trademark nature in the cannabis industry can affect the genetic purity of the cannabis plant. Companies are pouring out large amounts of money creating strains nobody will ever hear about in an already strain surplus market. If the goal of strain breeding is to trademark them for future profits, there is a big risk of monopolies forming that can challenge the quality of genetically pure strains.

Creating strains haphazardly will create turmoil in the cannabis industry. Not just for the patients but also for the growers Not only will finding the correct strains become an overwhelming task for medical patients, but also many ‘breeders’ will also not comply with proper breeding and registration practices.

Over populating the market with unregistered strains will cut the value of this knowledge. Unknown hybrid varieties can confuse whole lineages, trimming their quality, and result in cross-pollination issues. Pot Valet stands by original household-name cannabis strains. Lab-tested and verified by SC Labs for medical quality, all of its products have a platinum-grade, genetically pure guarantee.

Pot Valet is an online marijuana dispensary based in Santa Monica serving patients across the state of California. Its big selection of products steadily meet regulatory requirements for the highest quality medical marijuana and the company only delivers to valid medical patients.

Patients across California can now get their orders in under than 45 minutes. Those still using the company’s Overnight Delivery Service get their medicine the next day. Pot Valet is advancing its Immediate Delivery Service throughout the United States.


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