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The quality of the cannabis the United States government provides to scientists may be impacting the results of their studies, experts say. The issue made national headlines after Dr. Sue Sisley, a researcher with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), shared photos of the marijuana provided by the only facility licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to produce cannabis for clinical research. The facility is located at the University of Mississippi and is run by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Doctor Sisley is studying marijuana as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in United States veterans. Sisley stated, “It didn’t resemble cannabis. It didn’t smell like cannabis.” We asked Jake Browne, who is a cannabis critic for the Denver Post’s marijuana news site, the Cannabist, and co-founder of The Grow-Off, a statewide cannabis growing competition, what he thought about the cannabis seen in the photos. Browne said, “It’s unlike any weed I’ve ever seen, and that includes really low grade stuff I’d get as a kid in Iowa. It looks like it’s mostly stems and leaves, and that stuff is better for giving you headaches than getting you high.”

Brown stated, “It should be covered in trichomes, or frosty-looking resin glands, and have much higher density than what Dr. Sisley is working with. As a rule of thumb, you want your buds intact and no smaller than a piece of popcorn, with a green or purple hue to them.” Additionally, PBS reported that some of the samples provided by NIDA were contaminated with mold and others didn’t match the chemical potency Sisley had requested for the study. She stated, “One sample, billed as having a 13% level of THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, had just 8% when tested at the independent facility in Colorado.”

According to the Washington Post, recreational cannabis available in Colorado ranges from an average of about 19% THC to 30% or more. Sisley stated, “There’s no telling how many subjects in past studies were exposed. Honestly, it seems like [the National Institute on Drug Abuse] is playing a joke on Dr. Sisley,” Browne stated. “High potency cannabis can cause anxiety and paranoia, so when you’re talking about a study on PTSD, that seems very relevant to me. With pot in our state regularly testing at three times the potency of what they supplied to her, it’s not acceptable.” The only facility approved by the DEA to grow marijuana for clinical studies is at the University of Mississippi and is run by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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Hundreds of California Cannabis Business Owners Descend Upon Hollywood on July 30th to Discuss Explosive Changes Coming to the Marketplace

Cannabis industry veterans, policy experts, and business newcomers will meet to discuss the future of legalization and other cannabis-related issues in the California marketplace. The National Cannabis event, which will be held on July 30th at the famed Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood CA, is specifically designed to educate individuals and organizations that have a vested interest in the California cannabis industry. Attendees will include current cultivators, dispensary owners, investors, policy makers, as well as people looking to get involved in this emerging industry.

The event will feature over twenty five presenters including headline presenters that include famed medical marijuana expert Dr. Sue Sisley, Chairman of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force Ariel Clark, Cannabis Regulatory Expert Avis Bulbulyan, Executive Director of the California Growers Association Hezekiah Allen, and Chair of the NAACP Medical Marijuana Task Force/Founder of California Minority Alliance Donnie Anderson.

“There are a lot of uncertainties on the future of the cannabis industry in California and the National Cannabis Event will bring together relevant experts for a comprehensive discussion,” said Andy Passen, President of National Cannabis. “We want our guests to walk away with the latest information available to keep their business moving in the right direction,” he added.

Topics of discussion at the event will cover a broad spectrum of issues affecting California business owners in the cannabis market place. Presenters and panelists will help dissect the facts of the legalization bills and their effects on the cannabis Industry, explore the barriers to US Marijuana Efficacy Research, discuss Increasing access to minority and female cannabis entrepreneurs and help evaluate when the right time to invest in the cannabis industry is.

Tickets to the event are $199 plus additional VIP options. Additional Information about the event and registration can be found on www.nationalcannabis.com.

National Cannabis is an event management company that specializes in conferences, expos, and educational seminars for the businesses within the Marijuana industry. Their mission is to provide a premium service that focuses on education and networking to help the legal Cannabis Industry gain market share and credibility. National Cannabis hosts emerging market business events in strategic locations across North America.

Andrew J Passen
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National Cannabis Tour

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A speech from the Capitol Hill indicated that the federal government might be becoming more open to letting physicians working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to talk to their patients about using medical marijuana. Albeit, some Veterans Affairs hospitals are not allowing any suggestions about medical marijuana.
Dr. Sue Sisley is a doctor living in Phoenix who has been allowed to research marijuana and its effects on PTSD. Not too long ago, she spoke at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Medical Center so that she may try to tell some doctors about the studies she has been conducting. But the hospital did not care to listen, although Sisley states that some of the physicians have patients that would truly do better if they were a part of the study.
“The notion that the Phoenix VA hospital refuses to allow that information to be shared with their medical staff is really shameful,” Sisley said. “The highest density of veterans who meet those criteria are at the Phoenix VA hospital.”
Even though medical marijuana is allowed in Arizona, doctors of the VA are not allowed to recommend medical marijuana to their patients because of the rules of the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, there is a lot of pressure entering from federal lawmakers to change the rules so that veterans can stop medicating themselves with addictive prescription pills when they could be using medical marijuana, which has proven to effective in treating PTSD.
Even then, Dr. Samuel Aguayo, associate chief of staff for the Phoenix VA hospital, stated that the choice to prevent Sisley from sharing her information with the doctors was so that the hospital would not go against rules set by voters in Washington D.C.
“VA medical staff are not authorized to make a decision on whether marijuana and marijuana research is appropriate for veterans,” Aguayo said.

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There a countless testimonies floating around from veterans who illustrate how medicinal marijuana has helped them handle PTSD. Dr. Sue Sisley is a doctor from Arizona who is pursuing research on PTSD and medical marijuana and has also been conducting business around the country championing medical marijuana for PTSD.

At the beginning of this month, Dr. Sisley was in Colorado where there was and attempt to add PTSD to the list of qualifying medical issues to be considered a medical marijuana patient. Different states currently have added PTSD to the list of qualifying medical issues to be treated with medical marijuana, and many thought that Colorado would follow the same path. Sadly, that displayed a different reality. Colorado is a national leader in many ways when it comes to cannabis, yet helping individuals that suffer from PTSD is not one of them.

So with so many testimonies out there from various people who suffer from PTSD and obtain relief from medicinal marijuana, the testimony of a doctor who is heading up the investigative study to prove that PTSD helps suffers, and many other places across the US who have now added PTSD to their list, Yet how didi this valid attempt fail? Dr. Sue Sisley has an idea its because o the heavy level of influence from the pharmaceutical industry.

“Sisley has her suspicions about what happened behind the scenes at the Colorado hearing, where of the fifty-plus speakers, only two testified in opposition to the proposal. “Several members who voted ‘no’ cited the fact that APA and other organized medicine groups oppose this initiative,” she says. “I am concerned that these organized medicine groups are heavily influenced by big Pharma….. Obviously, Pharma has a vested interest in suppressing these initiatives because they have the potential to harm their ‘business model.”

Representative Jonathan Singer has offered to run another bill through the Colorado Legislature that would add PTSD to the list of MMJ approved complaints “but I think the best approach is probably to go through the court system, as we did successfully in Arizona,” Sisley says, noting that several Colorado attorneys agree:  ”So look for a court case this fall.”

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