Marijuana Stocks Must Read Articles – September 13, 2017

marijuana stocks 9-13-2017

InCaseYouMissedIt: Is There A Billion Dollar Opportunity For This Company?

The recent $12 billion acquisition of Kite Pharma, Inc. by big-pharma giant, Gilead Sciences has biotech investors hungry for the next big buyout target. This has begged the question, “Does this one biotech stock have what it takes to be a billion dollar opportunity?”

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New Report Shows U.S. Marijuana Sales Are Estimated To Reach $30 Billion By 2021

The marijuana industry is rapidly growing and it’s no surprise that it has emerged as a fan favorite industry for investors. In the last year, a greater number of marijuana stocks with a market cap above $200 million have at least doubled in value. A key player towards the industry’s success is the changing of perception towards the marijuana. National pollster Gallup, which has periodically surveyed the American public over a five-decade period, has seen favorability toward the idea of legalizing pot nationwide for adult use advanced from 25% in 1995 to record highs at 60% in 2016. The pro-legalization theory predicts that if favorability toward marijuana keeps advancing, politicians will be forced to revise marijuana’s scheduling at the federal level or run the risk of being voted out of office.

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Canada Marijuana Stocks Advance As Ontario Plans To Open 150 Stores

Canadian marijuana stocks increased last Friday following Ontario reporting it will now open as many as 150 government-run cannabis stores and allow online purchases as the country gets ready for legalized recreational sales next July.

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