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  1. I suffer with several medical issues.I am 49 years old and have fought for legalization since 1988.I live in Virginia who is finally going to decriminalize on July 1st 2020 next week.I swear the feeling is quite overwhelming considering I along with many friends have been arrested,jailed,fined,harassed, and persecuted for using Cannabis.I had friends lose homes,children,and human rights due to the hash laws in the State.Finally after 32 years of fighting and being harassed by police I can say how proud I am to have finally achieved a small victory.I unfortunately just received SSDI for my health issues and I can not get a doctor to help me in obtaining medical marijuana nor can i afford the cost of cannabis or a card or renewal due to out of work since 2014.I have Cerebral Palsy,Psoriatic arthritis,Fibromyalgia,Ankylosing Spondylitis,Chronic Pain Syndrome,and Tendonitis.Not to mention TMJ tooth and jaw problems.So to say the least I suffer in serious pain 24/7 365.I do not use pain pills due to I do not like the feeling and I do not want the baggage of that addiction.I do not use alcohol and i do not smoke tobacco.But i find that good Cannabis and Concentrates help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress and some pain.I appreciate you reading my story and i would be honored to send a picture along with a review.I never have but i have to try.Thank you all and GOD bless.Steve Lassiter

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