Tear Down This Wall

In 30 days Cannabis is either going to get an enormous boost or an illogical kick in the nuts by a California Judge named Kimberly Mueller. Judge Mueller will be the 1st judge in US history to make a ruling on whether or not Cannabis has been improperly scheduled as class 1. The classification of Marijuana currently puts it in the same category of Crystal Meth, Crack, Heroin, LSD and a bunch of other drugs that make your teeth fall out and have you turning tricks for a quick buzz. I just want to say for the record that I have never had the urge to to steal or give someone a half & half for a bag of weed, but I digress.


The classification system now is bullsh*t when you look at the cast of characters (drugs) that are supposedly on the same level. To put it in perspective if Heroin was a Machine Gun and Crystal Meth was a grenade then Marijuana would be a spitball shooter. What really grinds my gears as Peter Griffin says is that if you make Marijuana Schedule 1, then why don’t you make alcohol schedule 1? Last I checked Alcohol literally kills thousands of people every day either from illness associated with it, violent crime or drunk driving. Last I checked Marijuana killed no one ever. It is said that a person would have to smoke 40,000 grams of weed (89 pounds) to die from cannabis. You know how much 89 lbs of marijuana is even at wholesale? It’s $222,500! Which is pretty expensive if I wanted to off myself when I could just as easily spend $50 and buy a bottle of Grey Goose.


I apologize for that diatribe, but this is a subject that is both important to the people struggling with various ailments as well as the marijuana financial market. Should schedule 1 be overturned because of what this ruling sets in motion we will see a new golden age in Marijuana Stocks. Not for everyone, but for the companies that have been the most transparent and the ones demonstrating execution of their business model. We will see patients get the medicine they need, we will see meaningful studies of cannabis taking place at universities everywhere, we will see an eventual end to prohibition.


So as Ronald Reagan once said to Gorbachev I say this to Judge Mueller using his words ironically (He started the War on drugs) “if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Judge Mueller, open this gate! Tear down this wall!!!!


The Wolf


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