The cannabis culture is way more then a movement but rather a different way of life for many individuals. Some advoatces embrace the culture to the point where they would risk their freedom to see justice for a remedy that is known for various medicinal purposes.

With the possible change that might come from the new chief of the DEA,cannabis supporters are in great hopes that this is a path that leads to more relaxed drug policies from the Obama administration.

Michele Leonhart, who since 2007 has dedicated her life and efforts to becoming a top DEA agent, will be stepping down from being Chief of the DEA from accusations of a possible sex scandal by some agents that were under her eye.

Cannabis lobbyists are looking to become fortunate with Leonhart stepping down from the DEA by influencing the administration to find a fresh face with more of a liking to the idea of marijuana.

“Hopefully, her resignation will mark the end of the ‘Reefer Madness’ era at the DEA,” stated Dan Riffle, Director of Federal Policies at the Marijuana Policy Project.

With words from President Obama stating that over a fair amount of time he potentially could be open to the idea of better marijuana laws, Obama has also gone as far as saying that Marijuana is “not more harmful” than alcohol.

However cannabis reformers have repeatedly criticized Leonhart for defending and enforcing a drug policy they are presumed is  “out of step with the Obama administration,” as stated by Bill Piper, Director of National Affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance.

Cannabis currently is still labeled a Schedule 1 substance along with heroin. So with this federal loop hole, though many states have legalized marijuana in one form or another, the federal government can still come in and go after those who partake in this risk of getting involved in the marijuana industry.

The drug policies enforced by the DEA under Leonhart “recklessly undermined” Obama’s views on marijuana with a “mindset straight out of the 1930s,” Riffle stated.

 “She was insubordinate to the president when she criticized his acknowledgement of the fact that marijuana is ‘no more harmful than alcohol,’ ” Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) stated.

 Finally with Leonhart resigning, this will give the cannabis culture the drive they need to push the issue on to the President so he can appoint the job to someone more accepting to marijuana law.

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