When the Gentile family began producing gummy bears infused with marijuana in 2011, the marijuana laws in California couldn’t really be considered laws. According to the family, they were more like guidelines.

“We did everything by the book,” AJ Gentile Stated, “but we were always worried a squad in blue FBI or DEA windbreakers would burst through the door to put us out of business and throw us in jail.”

More recently, though, Californian marijuana laws, as well as the marijuana market, have begun to change. As these factors change, so do the Gentiles, adapting their offerings in order to meet the market’s demands while still complying with the law. The family states that their company, SpeedWeed, which focuses on growing and delivering pot, has served 26,000 patients and is projected to double 2014’s revenue of $2.5 million.

Now, the company has added a new feature, the ability to have teleconferences with doctors who can recommend medical marijuana. Expectations are high considering that when starting the gummy bear business, it took off instantly.

“We had them in 60 dispensaries within 60 days,” AJ said.

Eventually, however, the family saw the chance to maximize their profits by delivering the products themselves, “to cut out the middleman,” AJ said. Starting with AJ’s brother, Gene, driving a single delivery truck throughout Los Angeles, the family started a “hub and spoke system for delivery and hired more drivers” as the demand continued to increase. At the moment, SpeedWeed now has 70 employees working full time, 50 of which are drivers. The SpeedWeed team claims that marijuana delivery has been a lucrative business for them.

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