A new concern has been found as to why people fear marijuana legalization in a recently-released Monitoring the Future survey results. Monitoring the Future, or MTF, is a study supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and directed by the University of Michigan. In the most recent overview, 44,892 young understudies took part from 382 schools, both open and private, over the United States.

To start with, the uplifting news: The rate of understudies who smoke cigarettes and drink liquor stays on a constant decrease. Day to day cigarette smoking is down to only 1.3% among eighth graders, 3% among tenth graders, and 5.5% for secondary school seniors. Five years back, the average smoking rates were respectively 2.9%, 6.6%, and 6.7%. A similar drop was seen when past-month liquor use was broke down in eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders.

Next, the negative news from the MTF study; pot use among secondary school eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders did not falter over a five-year period, with rates at a respective 6.5%, 14.8%, and 21.3% confessed to smoking cannabis during the previous month. An entire 6% of secondary school seniors admit to smoking pot normally. Maybe most notable, only 31.9% of current understudies view intermittent cannabis smoking as destructive contrasted with 78.6% in 1991.

In summation, secondary school seniors now smoke weed more regularly than they do cigarettes. While smoking cigarettes is a bad habit with demonstrated unfriendly lung and cardiovascular impacts, the jury on cannabis’ safety profile is still out. Considerably all the more in this way, this shows one of this country’s greatest fears: that minors will have the capacity to get their hands on a crop that, regardless of if it is legalized, would in any case likely be illegal for anybody to have less than 21 years old.

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