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Love is in the air, and, apparently, so is marijuana. As public morale surrounding the hemp drug changes, people in states where it has been legalized are starting to find ways to incorporate their favorite herb into their wedding. The phenomenon started not too soon after a wave of new marijuana laws ended prohibition of the drug in 2015 in places like Colorado and California. After this history-making decriminalization of the famously feared drug, people were given the go-ahead to light up without penalization. And ever since, more states have reconsidered their stance on the debate. Today, 30 states and the District of Colombia have broadly legalized marijuana in some form or other. And people wasted no time assimilating cannabis into their lives. Ever since, weed weddings have transitioned into a growing trend. From wedding cakes to flower arrangements, couples are becoming increasingly creative in terms of seamlessly integrating marijuana into their nuptials.

According to data from The Wedding Report, there are approximately 2.18 million weddings a year in the United States. That is 2.18 million couples dishing out thousands upon thousands of dollars every year for their weddings. It is clear that couples are willing to spend the big bucks when it comes to their perfect day, why not set aside a chunk of that budget to put it towards something couples will actually enjoy? Unlike tight suits and high heels that are sure to give their wearers gnarly blisters, marijuana offers the couple and their guests an enjoyable evening. It is becoming such a trend that couples really are opting to spend a healthy portion of their wedding budget on marijuana. Forbes magazine reported earlier this year that a couple who married in August 2017 on a beach in California reportedly spent over $8,000 on cannabis at their wedding. Not all couples, however, are willing to or have the means to spend that hefty chunk of change for their special day. This is where the experts come in.

In 2016, the first-ever Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver, Colorado. Couples interested in having marijuana at their weddings were invited to the conference to hear how they could do just that without breaking the bank. There, they were given different tips and tricks of the industry. The expo challenged the norms of the famously conservative and traditional wedding industry. Speakers informed couples on different edibles and the options they had when it came to serving them, including which alcohols to pair with the treats. They displayed beautiful cannabis décor and how to create wedding favors that were properly on theme. At weed weddings, guests end the night with a goody bag they will probably be more eager to use than the classically monogrammed refrigerator magnet. These such complimentary wedding favors include marijuana-infused candies, monogrammed edibles, and mason jars full of joints and or buds galore. The expo not only gave couples these innovative hemp ideas, but it also brought them together with the businesses and artistic people that had the ability to make their glittering, green wedding visions a reality.

Weed weddings are becoming such a trend that people in states where the drug is not legal are choosing to make the trip. Suburban kingdoms of Colorado and Oregon have suddenly become the favored spots for destination weddings, giving desktop-wallpaper-worthy beaches a run for their money. Places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Denver have all created weed-friendly venues equipped with all the necessities for couples looking to treat their guests. These such places have budtenders at the ready at expertly decorated stations throughout the venue. Their job is to educate guests on how to safely consume marijuana and advise them on which strain to pick for the night. They may even have bongs at every table that can be personalized for the special day. In California, chefs can create THC-infused dinners and marijuana can be sourced directly from local growers. In Colorado, there are a plethora of venues who support public consumption. Loopr, a portable marijuana salon, is dedicated to giving riders the ultimate cannabis experience. Oregon even has special hemp hotels that dish out 420 gift bags complete with snacks to battle the munchies, vape pens, complimentary t-shirts, and coupons and discount codes to use at local dispensaries.

With companies and local businesses so willing to accommodate weed-friendly couples, a new branch within the wedding industry has been born. And with the country taking such a different stance on the ever-controversial cannabis debate, it is likely more and more businesses will pop up just like them. No matter how one chooses to spend their wedding day, it is clear that the couples of today surely have more options in terms of a celebration than their predecessors did.

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