The State of Washington has an awful marijuana laws on the books. Most people would concur this is common knowledge at this point. Washington is the only state in the US that has voted to legalize cannabis, however, it does not allow growing pot inside of your home.

Washington State has recently given a green light to a marijuana open container law which makes transporting cannabis more of an obstacle than it has been sine cannabis legalization has been put into action.

“A new state law, House Bill 1276, will update the state’s open container laws for vehicles to include marijuana. The law stipulates that marijuana, like alcohol, must be kept in the trunk of a vehicle, in an unopened container, or in another part of the passenger cabin “not normally occupied or directly accessible by” the driver or passengers.

The law, signed by Governor Jay Inslee back on June 30th, will be set into action September 26th.

The law as well fixes Washington’s ability to automatically suspend a driver’s license if a blood test displays the driver to under the influence of cannabis.

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