The American Legion wants the United States government to get serious, once and for all, about removing the cannabis plant from the restrictions of its classifying marijuana as Schedule I narcotic. This past week, the Legion passed a resolution at its yearly convention aimed at convincing congressional leaders to reschedule marijuana to a classification that will bring about more research opportunities.

The purpose of this newfound order is to get the federal government to reconsider lifting some of the restrictions that have long since stopped marijuana from being acknowledged as medicine for those soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain issues. Her speech is largely recognized for getting the American Legion to support the cannabis cause.

“I only heard very positive feedback from the thousands of veterans in the audience,” Sisley told

“I was stunned at how little controversy there was. It seems highly unanimous among American Legion members that we owe it to the veteran community to demand an end to the barriers to this kind of cannabis research.” The American Legion’s position on medical marijuana comes just one month after the DEA announced that it will not remove the cannabis plant from its current Schedule I classification.

Its conclusion, according to acting DEA administrator Chuck Rosenberg, was done because the FDA has yet to justify if marijuana is “Safe and effective medicine.” Yet, a number of military veterans say it is the most effective medicine.

In a recent report from Stars & Stripes, Roberto Pickering, an infantry Marine who fought in the 2003 invasion of Iraq say’s marijuana saved his life because it stopped him from depending on a mixture of dangerous prescription drugs to deal with PTSD. “This war doesn’t end when you come back,” Pickering said.

Marijuana “Really improved my quality of life I found what works for me.”

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