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The cannabis market has been growing with a massive amount of propensity toward the future, but many stocks have grown out of this and have moved to the forefront of the industry in recent times. Although there are still the legislative challenges to deal with, it seems as though the next few years will be extremely instrumental in developing the cannabis market as a whole.

The company Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) has been at the forefront of the industry for some time now. Cronos notably became the first cannabis company to list on a U.S. exchange as popular as the NASDAQ and for that reason, has received a large amount of notoriety. The company recently “rose 5.72% on higher than average trading volume on the Nasdaq, closing the day at $6.10 USD per share. Today, Cronos Group announced that it has entered into a supply agreement with one of the largest cannabis companies in the world by revenue in the first quarter of 2018, Cura Select Canada, Ltd.” Supply agreements and various partnerships throughout the industry have proven to be one of the fastest ways that the market has continued to grow, and for this reason, the Cronos Group remains one of the very interesting stock choices to look out for.

The next stock on the list is the company CV Sciences (OTC:CVSI). According to one report “Shares of CV Sciences, Inc. rose 12.53% on higher than average trading volume on the OTC markets, closing the day at $4.22 USD per share. Yesterday, CV Sciences announced the appointment of Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS, to its Board of Directors.” CV has also managed to stay one of the larger players in the industry as the market continues to grow.

Next on the list is the company MedMen Enterprises (OTC:MMNFF). MedMen is a Californian company that has worked to become essentially the “7/11” of weed. The company has opened dispensaries in various places around the state and has promoted their substance as some of the highest quality cannabis in a mass produced way. One report shows that “Shares of MedMen Enterprises Inc. rose 7.06% today on higher than average trading volume on the OTC markets, closing the day at $3.0559 USD per share. Yesterday, MedMen announced that its subordinate voting shares are now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and are trading under the symbol “A2JM6N.”

The last stock on the list is the company Marapharm Ventures ( MRPHF ). Marapharm has also been at the forefront of the cannabis market for several years now, and has seen their stock increase quite substantially. The company states that they are “a public company which invests in health and wellness, including medical and recreational marijuana.” With massive plans for future growth and a large amount of exposure to the cannabis market, it seems as though Marapharm is only poised to continue this growth trend into the future.

The cannabis market as a whole has managed to stay quite large and continue to upkeep its massive growth potential over the past several years. The near future will remain extremely interesting to see what the legal measures change in the industry and what stays the same.

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