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Sipp Industries Announce Advanced Plasma Lighting Solutions for Indoor Horticulture Applications

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2015 / Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTC Markets: SIPC), a conglomerate corporation that specializes in technology, import export and distribution of commercial and consumer products, today announced a line of Advanced Plasma Lighting (APL) solutions for indoor horticulture applications.

Commercial High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights use electrodes to conduct power into the gas mixture inside the tubes. Electrode degradation and failure are typically the life-limiting factors for these light sources. With the recent advancement of low cost high-frequency power amplifiers, electrodeless plasma lamps have become a more practical alternative to traditional HID lamps.

Sipp’s APL lamp is a gas discharge lamp energized by radio frequency. It uses high-frequency electromagnetic power to create a plasma in a gas mixture that efficiently produces light that covers the entire spectrum. Different color of the spectrum can also be enhanced based on the use of the metal halide.

During the development of a plant, the requirement of the red to blue light ratio varies. For example, during seeding growth, higher blue component of light is desirable, whereas during germination and flowering, a higher red content can be more desirable. The ratio of red to blue light in Sipp’s APL lamps can be controlled by simply varying the power to the lamp. This allows the same lamp to be used for all stages of plant growth without the need to change lamp types to optimize a particular growth phase.

Sipp’s APL lamps consume less than half the power compared to the traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps resulting in less heat dissipation thus reducing HVAC costs. Lower power requirement for lighting and cooling can translate to substantial reduction in operating cost thereby increasing profit.

The product line consists of two models that are equivalent to 400W metal halide or a 600W HPS and a 1,000W metal halide or HPS. The Company will begin taking orders sometime this month.

“We are very excited about this plasma technology and looking forward to offering this lighting solutions to indoor horticulture applications,” stated Syman Vong. “We have been encountering a strong demand from cannabis and vegetable growers for more efficient lighting solutions. We felt that this advanced lighting system will not only produce better yield but at the same time reduce the growers’ cost significantly,”added Vong.

The Company also retracted the Letter of Intent submitted previously to a dispensary in Oregon after the counter party altered the terms. Based on the results of the evaluation of the economic benefits against the new terms, regulations and ownership structure, management decided that it is not in the best interest of the Company to consummate the transaction.

About Sipp Industries, Inc.

Sipp Industries is a conglomerate corporation that specializes in technology, import export and distribution of commercial and consumer products. Our goal is to capture market share in both established and emerging markets. For more information, please visit

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