Some stoners in Denver got an early Christmas a few days ago. Seth Rogen invited his fans to come toke up with him during the screening of his soon to be realized movie, The Interview.

The screening took place on December 8th and was originally supposed to happen at the Sie FilmCenter, but they bailed the week before the event. The new location, the Oriental Theater, was supposed to be all setup and friendly to tokers, with no stipulations.

However, when Rogen and his fellow smokers got to the theater, there was a sign warning people that smoking inside was not allowed. Despite the sign, 400 people showed up and people took the alley next to the theater to light up.

Attendees were offered liquor instead of weed and there was security in place to uphold the no smoking rule. Even a few people seen vaping were asked to leave.

The Edible Events company, run by Jane West, who organizes high profile events in the Denver area, had warned organizers there could be issues with the federal Clean Air Act, that might interfere with them smoking in an indoor venue. She even recommended an outdoor venue, but nobody wanted to change the plan.

The whole plan started on Nov. 25 with a Tweet by Seth Rogen saying, “We are going to do a screening of #TheInterviewMovie in Colorado where I get baked with everyone first, and we can smoke weed in the theater.”


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